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Komen Foundation Scales Back Fundraising Walks

The Komen foundation has attributed the drop in walk participation, in part, to a crummy economy. But it's clear the organization underestimated the reaction to its short-lived decision in early 2012 to discontinue funding for breast cancer screening by Planned Parenthood.

Jobs Outlook Is Brighter For Class Of 2013

This year's graduates — whether from high school, community college or a four-year college — are finding better job prospects than at any time since 2008. Overall starting salaries for college grads are expected to rise 5.3 percent this year.

First Lady Gets Face-To-Face With Heckler

At a Democratic fundraiser in Washington, D.C., a woman interrupted Michelle Obama with shouts about rights for gays. "Listen to me or you can take the mic, but [then] I'm leaving," the first lady said after confronting the woman. "You all decide. You have one choice." The heckler was escorted away.

Witnesses At Whitey Bulger's Trial Won't Be Choirboys

"When you want to get the devil you have to go to hell to get your witnesses," says law professor Michael Cassidy. Among those who will be called to the stand in the infamous Boston gangster's trial will be Stephen "The Rifleman" Flemmi. He's serving a life sentence for 10 murders.

Fifty Years After Medgar Evers' Killing, The Scars Remain

The assassination of the NAACP field secretary galvanized a growing civil rights movement, the effects of which are still being felt across the South today.

Army Sgt. To Plead Guilty In Afghan Village Attack

Army Staff Sergeant Robert Bales will be in military court Wednesday. Bales is pleading guilty to murder charges in exchange for avoiding the death penalty. He is expected to give his account of the night-time killing of 16 Afghan civilians last year.

Friday's El Reno Tornado Called Widest In U.S. History

New data about the tornado, which has been blamed for 18 deaths, was released Tuesday. Its intensity was upgraded to the maximum of EF5, and the weather agency says its winds reached 295 miles an hour.

U.S. Skater Will Boycott Disciplinary Hearing On Tampering

After admitting to tampering with a rival's skate blade, U.S. speedskater Simon Cho will boycott a hearing in Germany next week that could bring a lifetime ban, NPR has learned. Cho says his coach ordered him to tamper with the Canadian's skate in 2011.