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Nearly Three Years After Dodd-Frank, Reforms Happen Slowly

The Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act was a sweeping legislative package designed to prevent another financial collapse. Journalist Gary Rivlin says passing the bill was just a first step in a long road to real reform, and the financial system is as vulnerable to disaster it was in 2008.

Air Force Strips 17 Officers Of Nuclear Missile Launch Authority

A near-failing grade on launch operations prompted the Air Force to quietly suspend the officers in charge of dozens of Minuteman III nuclear missiles.

Teenage Diaries Revisited: From Kicking A Football To Kicking Meth

Frankie Lewchuk was a high school football star whose picture was in his hometown newspaper every week. Years after graduating from high school, Frankie was back in the hometown paper, this time for drug-related crimes. Now, he's attempting to repair his life and his relationship with his family.

Police Chief: 'We Are Not Barbarians;' Bury Bombing Suspect

Police in Worcester, Mass., say it's costing tens of thousands of dollars to protect the funeral home where Tamerlan Tsarnaev's body is being kept. The city's police chief appealed for help Wednesday. But cemeteries and municipalities have been saying they won't take the suspect's body.

Poll: Obama Approval Up, Effectiveness Down; GOP In Doldrums

Pew survey finds Americans place gridlock blame largely on GOP, but there's good news and bad news for Obama, Democrats and Republicans

Was Rapper Danny Brown Sexually Assaulted?

Some people were outraged when a fan seemed to perform a sexual act on rapper Danny Brown during a concert. The controversy raised questions about sexual assault against men and hip-hop masculinity. Host Michel Martin talks to a roundtable of pop culture experts.

The Missing Women Were Seemingly In Plain Sight

Clevelanders are feeling a sense of relief this week after three missing women were found. They were all in the same house, despite going missing during separate incidents several years ago. But now their discovery brings more questions than answers. Host Michel Martin talks with Rachel Dissell, of The Plain Dealer about the case.

Suicide Rates Hit Home For Michel Martin

In her regular "Can I Just Tell You" essay, the host of Tell Me More talks about a new report that shows an increase in the rate of suicide among baby boomers. She says the figures are more than just numbers for her. Her brother took his own life three years ago.