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Boston Grapples With The Threat Of Storms And Rising Water

Superstorm Sandy was a wake-up call for the Eastern Seaboard — especially Boston, where flooding rivers can meet a surging ocean, all in Boston Harbor. So what's a city to do? Retreat from the water or better shield buildings from flooding.

Sequester In South Carolina: A Tale Of Fighter Jets And Preschools

If across-the-board federal spending cuts go into effect March 1, the F-16s will be taking fewer flights from Shaw Air Force Base. And nearby, the Head Start program would have to cut 50 kids. But some residents are wondering if the whole thing is just hype.

Obama's Meeting With New Japanese Leader Focuses On China

President Obama met with the new Japanese Prime Minister Shinzu Abe at the White House on Friday. The two nations have common concerns about what they regard as provocations by North Korea and China.

This Year's Flu Vaccine Falters In Protecting Elderly

This year's flu shot looks like it's unusually poor at protecting the elderly. The flu vaccine's only about 27 percent effective overall for those ages 65 and older and just 9 percent effective against the flu strain causing the most illness, according to the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Melissa Block talks to Rob Stein.

DOJ Joins Whistleblower Case Against Lance Armstrong

Melissa Block talks to Mike Pesca about the Daytona 500 and the Justice Department joining a whistleblower lawsuit against Lance Armstrong.

Penn State Officials Take Booze Out Of 'State Patty's Day' Mix

Bar owners near the university agreed to not sell alcohol Saturday for what's become known as "State Patty's Day." Local officials say the unofficial St. Patrick's Day celebration brings unwanted and unruly behavior into downtown State College, Pa.

FBI Raids The Scooter Store; Will TSA Crack Down On 'Wheelchair Miracles'?

The Scooter Store says it's fully cooperating. Investigators wanted to see its billing records. Questions have been raised about the money Medicare has to spend on power chairs. Meanwhile, at airports there's a growing problem: travelers who abuse wheelchair rules to get around long lines.

Aquarium Dumping Linked To Giant Tahoe Goldfish

The giant fish in Lake Tahoe are thought to be spawning and schooling after being dumped there by aquarium owners.