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LaPierre Fights To Stop The 'Nightmare' Of Background Checks

The National Riffle Association's top lobbyist told senators that federal authorities need to enforce existing gun laws, not punish the "little people" with new regulations.

Why Some Families Won't Qualify For Subsidized Health Insurance

Under the health care overhaul, many people who find their job-based health coverage too expensive can get help buying insurance through exchanges. But rules just finalized by the Internal Revenue Service will limit who is eligible for a subsidy and could leave some families shut out.

Bellevue Hospital's Slow Comeback After Superstorm Sandy

Repairs to the New York City hospital are expected to allow a full reopening in early February. Engineers have been working around the clock to make everything is ready. Bellevue hasn't been able to care for trauma patients since the storm. That has put a strain on neighboring hospitals.

Sotomayor's Memoir Already A Best-Seller

The nation's first Latina justice tells her story of rising from poverty to reach the epitome of the legal world.

Boy Scouts' Repeal Of Gay Ban Mirrors Its Approach To Racial Integration

The Boy Scouts are set to let local troops decide on rules for admitting gay members and leaders, a policy similar to its approach to racial integration that many find unsatisfactory.

Lifting Boy Scout Ban On Gays: One Legal Perspective

The Boy Scouts of America may drop its ban against gay members and leaders, just a dozen years after winning the right to maintain the policy at the U.S. Supreme Court. A lawyer who has written extensively about gay Americans, discrimination and the Scouts discusses what might be going on.

Immigration, Gun Legislation And The Shakeup In Iowa

NPR's Ken Rudin recaps the week in politics, from the new proposals for immigration policy, to the Senate testimony on gun control legislation. Kathie Obradovich, political columnist for the Des Moines Register, about the retirement of Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) and the politics of Iowa in 2014.