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Sandy Shuts Down New York And New Jersey Subways, Trains And Tunnels

The world's most extensive subway system, commuter tunnels and above-ground track have all been submerged by Superstorm Sandy. It may take days or weeks to repair it all.

Behind A Halloween Mask, Even 'Good' Kids Can Turn Into Candy Thieves

Results of a 1976 experiment involving masked trick-or-treaters still hold true today: We're more likely to do bad things — like stealing candy — when we're anonymous. And that tells researchers about the ways adults break the rules, too.

In Ohio, Teachers Run For Statehouse — And Could Give Obama A Boost

A dozen teachers, all of them Democrats, are running for seats in Ohio's House and Senate. The surge is a byproduct of last year's voter referendum repealing a state law that would have curbed public employees' collective bargaining rights. Another byproduct is reusing teacher phone banks from that effort to support President Obama.

Is Racial Prejudice On The Rise?

A recent Associated Press poll suggests that racial prejudice against African-Americans and Hispanics has increased since 2008. Host Michel Martin and NPR Science Correspondent Shankar Vedantam take a closer look at the numbers and what's behind them.

Presidential Race: What If There Are Two Winners?

There's a chance the Electoral College vote could wind up tied, but it's more likely that there will be different electoral and popular vote winners. If either of those scenarios happens, there could be a push to change the way the U.S. elects its presidents.

Remembering Letitia Baldrige, The 'Doyenne Of Decorum'

She was first lady Jacqueline Kennedy's social secretary and went on to be one of the nation's authorities on etiquette. Baldrige died this week. She was 86.

America's Most Expensive Storms

Six of the 10 most expensive storms since 1900 have hit since 2000. But after you adjust for increases in population and wealth, the picture looks different.

N.Y. Drama: Officer Dies After Saving Family; Videos Show Rooftop Rescues

Off-duty Officer Artur Kasprzak got six members of his family to safety on Monday, then went to check his home's basement. His body was found there the next day. Also Tuesday, other NYPD officers plucked five adults and a baby off Staten Island roofs.

Assessing The Damage From Superstorm Sandy

Steve Inskeep talks with FEMA Director Craig Fugate about how the agency plans to respond to the widespread damage caused by the mega-storm.