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S.C. Shooting Range Rents Automatic Weapons

A shooting range in South Carolina has a license to rent automatic weapons. For $50, Alex Perkins tells The Charleston Post and Courier, you can blast a paper target to shreds. Perkins adds the gun must not leave the range.

Ads Slice Up Swing States With Growing Precision

Everything in this year's presidential election is supersized, except for the number of swing states in play. That's forcing a bigger pot of money to be pumped into a smaller pool of states. "There is such focus on relatively few markets that the levels of advertising we're seeing are really uncharted waters," one media analyst says.

Poll Shows Rural Battlegrounds Backing Romney

Rural voters who helped elect President Obama four years ago are now keeping his challenger competitive in key states. A new survey shows they favor Republican Mitt Romney by 14 points, and support for Obama is eroding.

Rising Income Gap Shapes Residential Segregation

One problem with more Americans isolating themselves around "people like us" – or those who earn similar incomes — is an increasingly polarized electorate; another, the loss of social capital gained by living in a mixed neighborhoods.

The Next Frontier For Elite Med Schools: Primary Care

Mount Sinai School of Medicine is adding a Department of Family Medicine. It is now one of the only top medical schools to offer family medicine as a specialty for its students.

'New Deal' Town Turns 75, Utopian Ideals Long Gone

Roosevelt, N.J., born in the economic tumult of the 1930s, was designed to be a utopia: Bauhaus-style ranch homes built around the communal industry and agriculture. It was one of 99 cities the federal government built. On the town's 75th birthday, the results of that experiment are mixed.

Vt. Town Hires Livestock To Save Money, Go Green

Sheep and goats grazing on a hillside in Vermont: It's a pastoral image. Now, it's how one New England town is keeping the grass trimmed in its centuries-old cemeteries. And the greener lawn maintenance method is paying off.