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N.J. Gov. Christie Chats With 'The Boss'

Chris Christie has attended more than 100 Bruce Springsteen concerts without meeting 'The Boss.' But last week, President Obama hooked up the Republican governor and the Democratic supporter.

Sandy Likely To Affect New York Voter Turnout

On this Election Day, people in New York are casting their ballots even though many still don't have power — or even homes to return to. Some polling stations are struggling to get reliable power.

Voting Queue Etiquette: Hey, Buddy, That's Out Of Line!

On or around Election Day, millions of Americans will show up at their polling places and settle in for what could be a long wait in line to cast their ballots. So how do you respond if the person behind you decides it's the perfect time to loudly express his political opinion? A look at what some voters say is OK and what's not at the polls.

The Battle For Congress: Senate And House Races To Watch

Republicans need a net gain of just three or four seats to take over the Senate and — assuming they keep the House — consolidate influence on Capitol Hill. Despite the favorable election arithmetic, Republicans are foundering in several key Senate races and face an uphill battle.

Guide For The Day: An Election Day Timeline

The final day in the 2012 political marathon has arrived. Here's an hour-by-hour guide to key times across the nation on Election Day.

Voters To Settle Tight And Turbulent Presidential Battle

Americans go to the polls today to choose the winner of the long, expensive and bitter race between President Obama and Republican Mitt Romney. The outcome is expected to be determined by a handful of battleground states, and perhaps only one.

Florida's New Battleground: The State Supreme Court

Every six years, Florida voters decide whether the state's Supreme Court justices get to keep their seats on the bench. Typically, these votes generate little public interest, but this year, Florida's Republican Party and outside political groups are targeting three justices for defeat.

Norfolk, Va., Puts Flooding Survival Plan To The Test

The city has spent many years studying how to survive flooding in an era of rising sea levels. The centerpiece of its survival strategy is a comprehensive plan to keep water out of some of the most vulnerable neighborhoods.

How Sandy's Path Could Chart A Course For Romney's Victory

The superstorm began its destructive tour of the American mainland in Florida, and that's where the GOP presidential nominee needs to begin his march on election night. Other states in its path included North Carolina, Virginia and New Hampshire, states where Mitt Romney has a strong chance.