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New York City Real Estate Market One Of Few Thriving

New York City has done better in this economy than many American cities. Housing prices and sales there are way up, and most surprisingly, in certain areas like Brooklyn and Queens, they have reached pre-recession levels.

Maryland's Same-Sex Law Could Set Tone For Nation

Maryland's same sex marriage law passed the Maryland General Assembly in February, but soon after opponents collected signatures to have the legislation placed on the November ballot. If voters pass it, it will be the first successful referendum affirming a state law legalizing gay marriage.

Lawmakers Demand Update On 'Fast And Furious' Personnel

Republicans Charles Grassley of Iowa and Darrell Issa of California want to know if a whistleblower is being punished while one of the ATF managers involved is being allowed to "double-dip."

Former CIA Officer Expected To Plead Guilty In Leak Case

John Kiriakou is accused of leaking the identity of a covert operative involved in the high value terrorist detention program and of lying to the FBI.

How Big Should The U.S. Navy Be?

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney wants the U.S. Navy to have 350 ships, up from the current fleet of 287. Analysts are divided on whether the U.S. needs a fleet this large.

What Happens After Jurors Get It Wrong?

A judge threw out Santae Tribble's murder conviction earlier this year, after Tribble had spent decades in prison. Now, Tribble is fighting for a finding of actual legal innocence that would help him get compensation for the years he spent behind bars. Two jurors who convicted him have written to the court on his behalf.

Mug Shot Time? Wipe That Smile Off Your Face

In a world of Facebook and TMZ, mug shots are as popular as ever. There are entire tabloids dedicated to the latest arrest snapshots. But in one North Carolina county, mugging too much for a mug shot can get you locked in a cell indefinitely.