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New York Officials Promise Power Will Return Soon

We look at the continued impact of superstorm Sandy, four days after it made landfall.

After The Storm, Staten Islanders Share The Misery

Some New York City neighborhoods have been changed forever by the storm. This borough saw half of the city's fatalities, but on Friday, neighbors helped neighbors as people everywhere began to rebuild their lives.

Tagg Romney, Voting Machines And Ohio 'In Context'

Social media and the liberal blogosphere have raised questions about a Texas-based voting system company's connections to several fundraisers for Mitt Romney and Romney's son Tagg. Further stirring concern, the voting systems are used in two counties in Ohio. We look at the issue in the latest installment of our series In Context. Tamara Keith talks to Audie Cornish.

Sandy Dealt Serious Blows To Fuel Supply System

Sandy dealt two serious blows to the gasoline and diesel supply system in New York and New Jersey. The storm shut down a large number of the petroleum terminals in the region. Those are the massive storage tanks that hold gasoline so tanker trucks can pick it up and take it to gas stations. Some of these terminals were damaged, while others just lost power. The storm also shut down the major pipeline that brings gasoline from the Gulf Coast. So even when fuel stations get their power back, they will have a hard time getting gasoline they need. Experts say it could be days or weeks before things return to normal.

Obama: Jobs Figures Proof Of A Rebounding Economy

With only a few days left until the election, President Obama pointed to the better-than-expected jobs numbers as evidence that — slowly but surely — his economic policies are working.

Coney Island Devastated By Superstorm Sandy

We report on Sandy's aftermath in Coney Island.

No, Romney's Son Is Not Gunning To Steal Ohio Vote By Rigging Voting Machines

Tagg Romney's private equity firm is connected to the company that makes voting machines used in a couple of Ohio counties. Therefore, conspiracy theorists say, he could fix the election in his father's favor.