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In 'Dour' Report, Fed's Bernanke Says Economy Has Decelerated

Though the central bank expects "moderate" economic growth in coming quarters, Bernanke offers a sober assessment of current conditions. But there is brighter news: Home builders say they're growing more confident about the housing sector's recovery.

VIDEO: Hero Neighbor Catches 7-Year-Old Girl Who Falls 3 Stories

"I'm not a hero — anybody would have done it. I did it out of normal instincts," says Steven St. Bernard. But he saved a little girl from death or serious injury. The autistic child had been dancing on top of a window air conditioning unit.

Why South Dakota Won't Bail Out Maine

Unlike Europe, U.S. states aren't likely to find themselves bailing one another out. Two economists find the reasons in two centuries of history.

Alaska Mayor Is Purrfect For The Job

The mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska, is celebrating his 15th year on the job. Stubbs is as popular as the day he was elected. Townspeople voted for the cat as a write-in candidate out of disappointment with human candidates. They've kept Stubs around ever since as an honorary mayor.

Don't Try This At Home: Gun As A TV Remote

Police in Salem, Oregon, say a man turned off his TV using a different kind of remote. He was playing with a gun and aimed the laser scope at the TV. After he pulled the trigger, he discovered the gun was loaded. Nobody was hurt, but neighbors called police about the bullet that came through their wall.

Mass Casualties After Shootings In Toronto And Tuscaloosa

Separate mass shootings at opposite ends of North America have left dozens wounded and at least two people dead.

Drought In U.S. Now Worst Since 1956; Food Prices To Spike, Economy To Suffer

"Moderate to extreme" drought conditions already exist in about 55 percent of the continental U.S. No relief is in sight. There are warnings this could be one of the 10-most expensive weather disasters in U.S. history.