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2013 Selma Marchers Remind Justices Of Voting Rights Act

Thousands of people marched across a bridge in Selma, Alabama, Sunday — a reenactment of what's known as "Bloody Sunday." In 1965, civil rights protesters attempted to march from Selma to Montgomery but were quickly met by police. Bloody Sunday galvanized support for the Voting Rights Act. This year's commemoration comes just days after the U.S. Supreme Court heard a challenge to a portion of the law.

Wood From The Hood Repurposes Local Logs

There's a small company in Minneapolis called Wood from the Hood that a married couple started as a side venture to their cabinet and millwork business. They take logs cut from city trees and salvage wood that would otherwise be chipped up and burned. As with organic food at a co-op, their selling point is localism.

Will Emergency Manager Help Or Hurt Detroit?

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder announced last week that he'll appoint an emergency manager for the city of Detroit. That means an unelected person will have sweeping powers to try to stop Detroit's financial hemorrhaging.

At Florida Sinkhole, Demolition Continues

Near Tampa, 37-year-old Jeffrey Bush is missing and presumed dead. A sinkhole opened up under his bedroom last week. Authorities say it's too dangerous in the 60-foot-deep chasm to search for him. Instead, the home is being demolished.

Turning It Down: Cities Combat Light Pollution By Going Dim

Advocates say the developed world's desire to light up the night is having some unintended consequences. This summer, Paris will try dimming its street lights, turning it into the City of [Fewer] Lights.

Teaching 2.0: Is Tech In The Classroom Worth The Cost?

The growth of tech and Internet use in schools has brought one unexpected benefit: Kids can get lectures from high-level scholars via Skype, and interact with them over the Internet. This opens up a larger question, though, of how to measure if the new technologies are improving learning.

In First Post-Election Interview, Romney Calls Race A 'Magnificent' Experience

In the first interview the Romneys have given since their November loss, they say they're moving on.

After Delay, SpaceX Dragon Reaches Space Station

Mechanical difficulties after Friday's launch pushed back the capture of the unmanned capsule by a day. The Dragon will stay in place until the end of March, after dropping off 1,200 pounds of supplies, and return with more than twice that amount.