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Leaks, Bombs And Double Agents: More On That AP Story

The Associated Press story that prompted a Justice Department subpoena of journalists' phone records blew the cover of a double agent embedded in Yemen's al-Qaida affiliate.

10 Things We Learned From the IRS Inspector General Report

Among the things we learned about the IRS from the inspector general's report was that their boss told the group of employees at the controversy's heart to stop their dubious practices. Which they did, for a little while at least.

One Reason To Apply For Tax-Exempt Status: Anonymity

The IRS scandal has put a spotlight on a part of the tax code increasingly popular with political groups. Donors can't get tax deductions for giving to 501(c)(4) organizations like they would for charities. But the names of those donors can stay private.

Richard Swanson Didn't Reach Brazil, But He Found An Audience

Tributes are appearing online for Richard Swanson, the Seattle man whose plan to dribble a soccer ball all the way to Brazil to raise money for charity ended Tuesday after he was struck and killed by a pickup truck in Oregon.

Maryland Suburb Says 16 Is Old Enough To Vote

The first city in the country to allow 16- and 17-year-olds vote in municipal elections is a progressive town on the edge of Washington, DC. But the push to allow people to vote or at least register before 18 is ongoing in numerous states.

AP Targeted By Justice Department After Yemen Bomber Story

Attorney General Eric Holder is defending the Justice Department against allegations of overreach after officials revealed that investigators had obtained phone records from the Associated Press. The unusual action is the latest in a year long investigation into a 2012 AP story that revealed details of a terrorist plot out of Yemen. Attorney General Eric Holder summed up the leak this way: "This was a very, very serious leak. It is within the top two or three most serious leaks that I have ever seen." Dina Temple-Raston talks to Audie Cornish.

Military's Sexual Assault Problem Is A Cultural One

On Tuesday, details were revealed about a second military officer accused of sexual offenses, even though he was supposed to be helping to educate people about the danger of sexual assault. The military has developed an elaborate system to deal with continuing waves of assault, and has a plan for dealing with the problem. But getting service members to report the crimes remains a huge challenge because of the unique workplace and chain of command issues. Melissa Block talks to Larry Abramson.

Holder Questioned Over Justice Department's IRS Investigation

Attorney General Eric Holder faced critics in both parties at Tuesday's House Judiciary Committee hearing because his Justice Department has subpoenaed two months of phone logs from the Associated Press following a security leak in 2012.