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FBI Criticized For Failing To 'Connect Dots' In Boston Case

The failure of the FBI and the CIA to keep track of Tamerlan Dsarnaev in the months preceding the Boston Marathon bombing has prompted criticism that U.S. law enforcement and intelligence officials ignored important warning signs. The case is reminiscent of criticism leveled at counterterrorism officials after Army Maj. Nidal Hasan's shooting rampage at Fort Hood Texas in November 2009 and after the al-Qaida-directed attempt to blow up a civilian airliner on Christmas Day of that year. In both cases, counterterrorism officials subsequently acknowledged that mistakes had been made. Whether authorities missed important evidence of Dsarnaev's intentions, however, is far less clear. Veteran intelligence officers say resource and legal constraints make it very difficult to follow suspicious individuals closely unless their behavior is genuinely alarming.

Budget Politics Forcing Congress To Pick Favorites

The sequester was supposed to affect nearly all federal programs equally. But with Congress showing it's ready to save the most popular programs, the ultimate effects may not be equitable.

Obama Says New Abortion Laws Turn Back The Clock

President Obama on Friday defended Planned Parenthood at the group's annual meeting and attacked new laws in several states that severely restrict when a woman can have an abortion. "When you read about some of these laws ... you want to make sure you're still living in 2013."

Flight Delays Push Congress To End Controller Furloughs

Delays at the nation's airports surged this week because the Federal Aviation Administration furloughed air traffic controllers to stay within a reduced budget. Now Congress has voted quickly to give the FAA more spending flexibility to reduce staff cutbacks.

On-The-Job Deaths Continue At Steady, Grim Pace

While the most recent data show a slight dip in the rate of fatal injuries, the actual number of people who lost their lives while at work edged up. Groups that push to make work safer say not enough is being done to prevent such deaths.

Will Chemical Weapons Change U.S. Policy Toward Syria?

The White House now believes Syria has used chemical weapons. But President Obama has shown no inclination toward military involvement in another Middle Eastern war.

House OKs Bill To End Air Traffic Controllers' Furloughs

The Senate passed the legislation on Thursday. President Obama will sign it, the White House says. This means the FAA will be able to shift funds so that the number of air traffic controllers on duty no longer needs to be reduced in order to satisfy sequestration.

Why Can't Traumatic Events Bring Politicians Together?

From the Newtown shootings to the explosions at the Boston Marathon, Americans have faced a number of traumatic events in recent months. But CNN contributor David Frum says that won't change the country's political discourse. He recently wrote about the stalemate in Washington and talks with guest host, Celeste Headlee.

Can Faith Alone Treat Mental Illness?

The suicide of a prominent pastor's son has many evangelicals talking about how best to treat mental illness. Guest host Celeste Headlee speaks with journalist and evangelical Christian Christine Scheller about how the church responds to mental illness. Scheller lost her son to suicide five years ago.