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Looming Cuts Could Mean Big Changes For U.S. Military

Without a deal by March 1, across-the-board federal spending cuts will kick in — including deep cuts to the nation's defense budget. Michele Flournoy, former undersecretary of defense for policy, and NPR's Tom Bowman discuss what sequestration might mean for the U.S. military.

'Zombie Alert' Also Aired In Michigan; Hacking Traced To Overseas Source

Stations in at least two states had their emergency broadcast systems broken into. "Bodies of the dead" were said to be rising from their graves. Funny? Dangerous? Both?

Newtown Teacher Among First Lady's State Of The Union Guests

Judging from the people invited to sit with the first lady, the subjects the president will focus on include gun violence, the economy and the war in Afghanistan.

Mardi Gras Merriment Beyond Bourbon Street Festivities

Chasing chickens, catching MoonPies or towing your fishing boat as a parade float — those are just a few of the lesser-known traditions of Mardi Gras you'll find in towns across the Southeast.

Cruise Ship Triumph Now Being Towed To Alabama; Investigation Announced

Passengers on the cruise ship Triumph, set adrift Sunday after an engine fire, must now wait until Thursday before what was billed as a four-day cruise finally ends. Strong currents pushed the ship an extra 90 miles into the Gulf of Mexico, foiling plans to tow it to Progreso, Mexico. The ship is now headed for Mobile, Alabama.

Meet The Calas, A New Orleans Tradition That Helped Free Slaves

A path to freedom for enslaved blacks, an engine of economic independence, a treat for Mardi Gras revelers. Once you know the fascinating history of this Creole rice fritter, beignets will seem boring by comparison.

Dads Weigh In On Why Boys Fall Behind

Host Michel Martin continues the conversation about why boys fall behind in school. She speaks with a group of parents and experts: author Christina Hoff Sommers, New York University education professor Pedro Noguera, University of Virginia Dean Bob Pianta, and Glenn Ivey, father of five boys.