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Is 'Tough On Crime' No Longer A Talking Point?

There's a growing bipartisan consensus that criminal justice policy needs to change, because of the costs and social consequences of keeping more than 2 million Americans behind bars. Host Michel Martin discusses the parties' platforms on criminal justice with the Sentencing Project's Marc Mauer and Marc Levin of the group Right On Crime.

The Fiscal Cliff, In Three And A Half Graphics

Before things get crazy, here's a quick look at the tax increases and spending cuts scheduled to kick in next year.

'Fiscal Cliff' Scenarios Leave Economists On Edge

We've heard the warnings of a looming economic disaster if Congress fails to avert a "fiscal cliff" by the end of the year. Economists hope lawmakers will act after November's election, but what if Congress runs out of time?

Colorado's 'Deeply Spiritual' Chimney Rock To Be A National Monument

Pueblos and native Americans from other tribes came to the site for its "lunar standstills" and built homes there more than 1,000 years ago. The new designation will help preserve it.

President Obama Crashes Iowa Wedding

A Des Moines couple learned of a sudden change to their wedding. The president held a campaign rally at the same location, according to WOI TV. After the disruption, the couple received a gift bag with a silver tray and a note from Barack Obama.

While Poverty Rose Again, Data Hint Economy May Have Found Its Feet

The Census also reports that because of the Affordable Care Act more young Americans were insured.

Census Survey: Poor Americans Increased In 2011

The Census Bureau has released the results of the American Community Survey. The bad news is that poverty is up. Nearly 16 percent of Americans live below the poverty line. Median household income is down too. The good news is that declines are not as steep as the depths of the recession.