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Residents Struggle With Tragedy's 'Stain' On Aurora

Aurora is the third-largest city in Colorado, but it's probably not one many people had heard of prior to Friday's massacre that left 12 dead and dozens more injured. Residents are reflecting on what the shootings mean for their city during a summer that already had been less than quiet.

Latest Update From Aurora

A brief update on the latest details from Aurora, Colo., the site of a mass shooting just after midnight Friday morning. Authorities held a press conference in the early afternoon after spending the day disarming the shooting suspect's "booby-trapped" apartment.

Immigration, The Gold Mountain And A Wedding Photo

A new National Archives exhibit charts the stories of 19th and early 20th century immigrants to America through documents and photographs attached to their case files. For one historian, one of these "attachments" turned out to be "like a breakthrough discovery of a lifetime."

Aurora Rampage Joins Grim List Of Worst Mass Shootings

It's become part of the story to say that the rampage in Colorado is one of the deadliest such attacks in the nation's history. The list of tragedies shows that's unfortunately true.

Aurora Suspect: A 'Smart And Quiet Man' Who Allegedly Hid A 'Deadly Plan'

"It appears he was a study in contrast," The Denver Post reports. The man arrested after a shooting rampage that left 12 people dead and about 58 wounded was just "Jimmy" Holmes in high school. In college, he was a top student.

Treating Mental Trauma: Lessons From Tragedy

Host Scott Simon talks with Tom Olbrich of the Jefferson Center for Mental Health in Denver about some of the lessons learned about treating patients post-Columbine shooting.

Aurora Businesses Pull Resources To Help Victims

Businesses in Aurora, Colo., sprang into action Friday to assist victims and their families. Kevin Hougen, president of the Aurora Chamber of Commerce, worked with businesses to help provide necessities to victims of the shooting. Host Scott Simon spoke with Hougen Friday from his office, which overlooks the movie theater.

How Columbine Shaped Police Response To Shootings

For many, the shootings in Colorado Friday seem like an echo of the tragic shootings at Columbine High School 13 years ago. James Johnson is the chief of Police for Baltimore County and a 34-year veteran of the force. Host Scott Simon speaks with Johnson about changes in police tactics since Columbine.