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Midwest Starts Digging Out From Biggest Snowstorm In More Than Two Years

Chicago was under almost a foot of snow on Wednesday after a winter storm swept through the Midwest.

Arkansas House Overrides Governor's Veto Of Strict Abortion Bill

The Arkansas House of Representatives voted to override their governor's veto of a strict abortion bill on Tuesday.

Snow Storm Doesn't Live Up To Its Hype In Nation's Capital

Parts of the Mid-Atlantic were hit with a late winter storm on Wednesday.

Dow's 'Record Highs' Misleading Without Including Inflation

The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at a record high Tuesday, but only if you look at the Dow in non-inflation-adjusted terms. Adam Davidson of the Planet Money team tells Melissa Block that the Dow is of almost no value as a measure of U.S. economic activity.

Sen. Rand Paul Filibusters To Block Brennan's Nomination

On Wednesday, Republican Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky engaged in an old fashioned filibuster. He began it shortly before noon, aimed at blocking the Presidents nomination of John Brennan to head the CIA. Melissa Block talks to Brian Naylor.

Houses Passes Resolution To Keep Government Funded Through September

The House passed a bill extending the federal government's spending authority through the end of September on Wednesday, while keeping the bottom line cuts required by the sequester that just took effect. Tamara Keith talks to Audie Cornish about what it means in the ongoing battles over federal spending.