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Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee Announces Presidential Run

Huckabee, who previously sought the presidency in 2008, hosted a television program on Fox until January, when he ended the eponymous show to consider his political future.

Spore Wars Help Fend Off Life-Threatening Bacterial Infections

Infections with C. difficile are a big problem for people in hospitals and nursing homes. An experimental treatment with spores from a harmless version of the bacterium prevented new infections.

Do We Really Need Libraries?

Between 1886 and 1919, Andrew Carnegie planted nearly 1,700 libraries across America. Over the years they grew. Now they are trying to survive.

One Chart That Explains A Big Issue Behind Baltimore Protests

A Harvard economist and colleagues looked at data for millions of families. They found that kids living in Baltimore City went on to make less money than their peers in adulthood.

Unannounced And Unprecedented: Kerry Makes A Stop In Somalia

Secretary of State John Kerry took a surprise trip to Somalia on Tuesday. The visit is a first for a U.S. secretary of state. For more on Kerry's visit, Steve Inskeep speaks with NPR's Gregory Warner.

Speeder In Arizona Thankful He Wasn't Caught Going Faster

Police in Phoenix say Alejandro Barraza was driving 131 miles per hour — fast enough to go to jail. As he was led away, police say Barraza said he felt lucky that he wasn't caught at 160.

For TV News Employee, Resigning Was A Piece Of Cake

Mark Herman, an employee at Arizona TV Station KOLD got a new job. He let everyone know he was leaving by bringing in a cake decorated with the resignation letter.

ISIS Claims Credit For Shooting In Garland, Texas

In a bulletin, the self-declared Islamic State said the two suspects were "soldiers from the soldiers of the Caliphate." U.S. officials said they were investigating a link to international terrorism.

Can Huckabee Overcome The 'New Car Smell' Of Other Candidates?

This isn't Mike Huckabee's first time at the GOP presidential rodeo. He had the advantages of being a novelty upstart underdog in 2008. That's not the case this time around.

Gunshot Reminds Residents That Tension Still Hangs Over Baltimore

During an arrest in Baltimore on Monday, a suspect's gun accidentally discharged. No one was injured. Police quickly held a news conference to clear up the misinformation that someone had been shot.