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Gunman Who Killed Two Firefighters Left Chilling Note

"I still have to get ready to see how much of the neighborhood I can burn down and do what I like doing best: killing people," William Spenger wrote, according to police. He set a fire at his Webster, N.Y., home, then shot at the first responders. Authorities think Spengler also killed his sister.

A Lull Until New Year's? Not So These Days

The week between Christmas and New Year's used to be a sleepy spot on the American calendar. Nowadays, it's crammed with people rushing around reminiscing with friends and families, returning presents and raking in gift-card booty. Others, even perhaps members of Congress, go straight back to work in this fiscal cliffhanger of a year.

113th U.S. Congress To Be Sworn In Next Week

The new Congress will have big problems to tackle and little love from the people who elected them. To find out what can be done to get things working again on Capitol Hill, David Greene catches up with Iowa Democratic Rep. Bruce Braley.

Zappos Logs Record Service Call

The call to the online shoe retailer lasted more than 10 hours. For one thing, the customer on the line wanted to know how the Zappos employee likes living in Las Vegas. The conversation even ended with a sale of Uggs boots.

Blind Dog Returned To Alaska Family

The dog wandered away from home during a big snowstorm last week. The family feared they'd never see their pet again, since she was lost as temperatures fell to 40 below zero. The local newspaper reports the dog's nose led her to the home of a vet, who posted her picture on Facebook.

After Beating Allen West, House Freshman Faces New Fight

"Business Democrat" Patrick Murphy comes from a district that's home to more Republicans than Democrats. He managed to beat the outspoken Tea Party favorite, running on a pledge to try to end gridlock in Washington. But that will be a tall order.

By Showing Ammo Magazine On NBC, Did David Gregory Break The Law?

Washington, D.C., city police are investigating whether NBC News' David Gregory broke the district's laws when he displayed what he said was a "magazine for ammunition that carries 30 bullets" on Sunday's edition of Meet the Press.