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Pressure Mounts To Free 'Wilmington Ten'

A group of North Carolinians convicted of arson decades ago in a controversial court case are asking the outgoing governor for a pardon of innocence. The trial and prison sentences of the "Wilmington Ten" sparked international outcry and a protest march of 10,000 people in Washington, D.C.

Lower Energy Prices Could Inspire U.S. Auto Industry Renaissance

Robert Siegel reviews the top auto news of 2012 with Dan Neil, automotive columnist for The Wall Street Journal.

Firefighters Trapped And Shot After Responding To Blaze

Two firefighters died and two others were hospitalized in western New York on Monday. They were shot after responding to a fire in the town of Webster, outside Rochester. Police say the gunman is also dead, and they're not ruling out the possibility that the firefighters were led into a trap.

U.S. Has Previously Called On Sen. Kerry In Diplomatic Crises

Over the past few years, Sen. John Kerry has quietly made several trips to Afghanistan and Pakistan to help defuse diplomatic crises.

Detroit Three Look To Revive Their Luxury Brands

GM, Ford and Chrysler are turning their focus to selling luxury cars — something they haven't succeeded at in decades. They're hoping that success in the competitive but lucrative luxury sector will signal that the U.S. auto industry's comeback is complete.

Pulling Together, Newtown Celebrates Holiday 'As Best We Can'

Shopkeepers say Saturday was the first day people resumed Christmas shopping in Newtown, Conn., since the school shootings. Some locals say the community feels closer since the tragedy, and the post office is being inundated with thousands of holiday greetings, gifts and messages of support from around the world.

A Moveable Feast: What Are You Leaving For Santa?

Milk and cookies might be the traditional Santa offering on Christmas Eve, but in at least one household, St. Nicholas will be getting smoked salmon and scotch.