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Saying No To The Inauguration

For some Americans, next week's inauguration is a time to protest, not celebrate, the beginning of a second term for President Obama.

Before Obama's Plan Is Out, NRA Calls Him An 'Elitist Hypocrite'

The administration is releasing its plan for reducing gun violence. The National Rifle Association is using the fact that the president's daughters are protected by guards with guns to make its case for putting armed officers in schools. The video is "repugnant and cowardly," the White House says.

Interior Sec. Salazar Is Latest Member Of Cabinet To Announce Departure

He joins others who are leaving the Obama administration as the president begins his second term, including Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner.

UPDATE: 'Turmoil' For Many Parents As NYC School Bus Drivers Strike

The drivers want pay and job protections continued in their new contract. The city says a court order prevents it from doing that. Today, the familiar yellow buses are parked. Thousands of parents and their kids are finding other ways to get to school.

Wayne Dobson Doesn't Have Your Lost Cellphone

Many cell phones allow you to track them using GPS if they go missing. But the Las Vegas Review-Journal reports a technical glitch has, for two years, directed some Sprint customers who've lost their phones to the home of Wayne Dobson. Sprint says it's researching the problem.

Mass. Pub Names Changed Until After Playoff Game

A Massachusetts man owns the Raven's Nest and the Mad Raven. The trouble is, he's in New England. Pro football's New England Patriots are prepping for a playoff game against the Baltimore Ravens. He temporarily renamed his bars the Patriot's Nest and the Mad Patriot.

Sick Workers' Dilemma: Stay Home Or Go To Work?

The earliest flu outbreak in years continues to claim victims. Businesses are taking a hit, too. They're faced with an unsolvable problem: If they tell too many sick employees to stay home, the work doesn't get done; those who do come to the office can spread germs.