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A Bartender's Antidote To Sweet And Citrus? Bitter Bark, Myrrh And Secrets

In a world of citrusy, sugary drinks that can all taste alike, Fernet Branca stands alone. It has a cult following within the U.S. that elicits a strong reaction, whether its your first sip — or a regular ritual. As we found out at a recent tasting, Fernet's centuries old secret recipe delivers.

Gun Sales Are Up Sharply In Colorado Since Theater Shootings

After other mass shootings, sales also surged. Some buyers want weapons for protection. Others think gun laws will be tightened in response to the news.

Post-Hinckley Changes Make Insanity Defense Hard For Colo. Suspect

If the defense can show a suspect didn't know what he did was wrong, an insanity plea might work. But that's a tough standard. You can be mentally ill and still be judged guilty.

Are Penn State Penalties Too Tough?

The campus and community around Penn State University are coming to grips with severe penalties against the school and its football program. The NCAA imposed sanctions for what it called the school leadership's "tragic" failure to respond to child sexual abuse charges against a former assistant football coach. But some in State College say the penalties might have gone too far.

Obama To Vets: Tough Fights Abroad, At Home

President Obama spoke to the national Veterans of Foreign Wars convention Monday. Republican challenger Mitt Romney speaks to the group Tuesday.

The Space Trip That Made Sally Ride A Folk Hero

The first American woman to go into space died Monday. Sally Ride was 61 and had been battling pancreatic cancer. Her historic trip in 1983 aboard the space shuttle Challenger made her an instant folk hero.

Ryan Offers Romney Risk, Reward

Among those on Mitt Romney's list of potential running mates, Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin has youth and experience. He's a conservative from a swing state, and he has big ideas and the policy chops to back them up. But the House Budget Committee chairman's fiscal ideas might cost Romney with independents.

Despite Crop Insurance, Drought Still Stings Farmers

Many farmers carry terrific crop insurance, and the worse the drought becomes, the more individual farmers will be paid for their lost crops. The federal government picks up most of the cost of the crop insurance program, and this year that bill is going to be a whopper.

Little Election-Year Incentive For Obama Or Romney To Join Gun Debate

The Second Amendment remains off limits for many politicians, with even those favoring gun control unlikely to bring it up in an election year. But long-term shifts in U.S. demographics and culture could lead to changes in the gun-rights versus gun control debate in coming decades.