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All Heisman Finalists Were Surprise Contenders

On Saturday night the Heisman Trophy will be awarded to the top individual player in college football. Sportswriter Stefan Fatsis talks with Audie Cornish about who is up for the award. They also talk about bowl games, coaching woes, and collegiate realignment.

What Will 'Right To Work' Law Mean For Michigan?

Michigan's state legislature voted to approve a "right to work" bill on Thursday. So what will be the impact of a law allowing workers to opt out of union dues in a state that represents the heart of organized labor?

Unemployment Falls To Lowest Rate In Four Years

The stock market moved higher Friday on a jobs report that came in stronger than expected. Employers added 146,000 jobs to payrolls in November and the unemployment rate fell to 7.7 percent.

Winning Ticket Submitted For Second Half Of Powerball Jackpot

Arizona Lottery officials tell the AP that the ticket is held by a family, and that the winners will be identified sometime next week. The Nov. 28 drawing, for a Powerball-record $587.5 million, produced two winning tickets: one in Arizona, and one in Missouri.

Supreme Court To Take On Gay Marriage In Two Cases

The U.S. Supreme Court announced on Friday that it will tackle the issue of same-sex marriage. Defying most expectations, the justices said they will examine two cases, presenting the possibility that the court could decide the issues surrounding same sex marriage in one fell swoop.

Supreme Court Will Review Two Gay Marriage Cases In 2013

Justices on the nation's highest court announce they will take up cases involving California's Proposition 8, which bans gay marriage, and a provision of the Defense of Marriage Act. Analysts say the court might confine itself to determining jurisdiction, not the merits of the cases' claims.

Black, Latino Groups: It's Our Turn, Mr. President

After lifting President Obama to re-election, African-American and Hispanic advocacy groups want him to champion initiatives that will specifically benefit minorities.