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Florida Pitches New Facilities To Clinch Spring Training

Over the next four years, five major league teams will be renegotiating their spring training leases in Florida. With millions in economic benefits at stake, local communities and the Sunshine State are looking to upgraded facilities in hopes of keeping teams from moving to other locations in Florida and Arizona.

Little Kids Know How To Share, But Don't Want To

Little children understand the idea of sharing, but they'd prefer not to play along. But by age 8, the typical child decides that it's a good idea to follow through and be fair, researchers say.

John Lennon's Bloodied Glasses Used In Plea On Gun Violence

Yoko Ono, the widow of the Beatle slain in 1980, tweets the graphic photo on the 44th anniversary of the couple's marriage.

House OKs Bill To Keep Government Funded Through September

A government shutdown has been averted, with the house passing a spending bill that keeps things open through the end of September.

You Be The Judge: Is The Housing Market Really Improving?

Optimists have had no trouble finding fresh evidence to suggest that the real estate market is recovering. Home sales are at the highest levels in years, borrowing rates are at historical lows, and builders are hiring again. But not everyone is convinced that the sector's momentum has staying power.

School Closings: How Administrations Decide

Many parents and teachers in the nation's cities are disappointed by a long list of school closings. But when enrollment is low and costs are high, administrators face tough decisions. Host Michel Martin speaks to the Chancellor of Washington D.C.'s public schools, Kaya Henderson, about how school systems weigh these difficult choices.