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Study: Americans Want To Be Informed About News Stories

A new study finds 50 percent of Americans would rather know more about current events than fashion, sports or celebrities. So much so, that one in three admitted pretending to know about a news story to impress someone.

Texas Lamakers To Try Again To Pass Strict Anti-Abortion Bill

The Texas state legislature convenes Monday to start a special legislative session. Governor Rick Perry called for the session following last week's dramatic Democratic filibuster that derailed proposed abortion legislation.

Listeners Join The Aspen Conversation

Host Michel Martin checks in again on Twitter's latest online conversations about education.

19 Firefighters Die Battling Arizona's Yarnell Fire

More than a dozen firefighters in Arizona were killed on Sunday as they were battling the Yarnell Hill fire near Prescott. It was the deadliest wildfire involving firefighters in the U.S. in decades.

Little By Little, 911 Centers Receive Emergency Texts

In some parts of the country, you can text 911 if you have an emergency. But that technology is taking a long time to roll out. It's among the difficulties of adapting old systems to new technologies. Renee Montagne talks with Trey Forgety of the National Emergency Numbering Association about the challenges and opportunities for texting to 911.

EU Officials Question Kerry On 'Unacceptable' Spying Claims

Allegations that the U.S. had spied on EU offices in Washington and New York emerged this weekend. European officials say the incident could endanger trade talks.

NSA Leaker Snowden Applies For Asylum In Russia, Report Says

The development comes the same day Russian President Vladimir Putin said Snowden can stay in the country if he agrees to certain conditions. Snowden is being being pursued by U.S. authorities after leaking details of the National Security Agency's surveillance programs.

19 Firefighters Killed In Ariz. Wildfire Called Deadliest In Decades

Nearly all of the firefighters who died were part of the Granite Mountain Hotshots, an elite group based in Prescott, Ariz. Since it began Friday, the Yarnell Hill Fire has grown to more than 8,000 acres, destroying an estimated 200 homes.

Tell Me More: Education Special And Twitter Chat

On July 1 and July 2, Tell Me More will host a live radio broadcast and Twitter chat from the Aspen Ideas Festival in Colorado, focusing on education and learning. Join the national conversation: Share your own thoughts using #NPRAspen.

You Ask, We Answer: Demystifying The Affordable Care Act

Think buying health insurance through the Affordable Care Act will be confusing? You're not alone. NPR listeners asked questions that have been bugging them about state insurance exchanges and other new options. NPR health policy correspondent Julie Rovner explains how it's going to work.