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Prescribe 'Morning After' Pill For Teens Before They Need It, Doctors Say

A policy statement from the American Academy of Pediatrics urges doctors to write prescriptions in advance to let teens have fast access to emergency contraception. The pills are currently available over the counter only to those 17 and older.

Manning Plea Offer Another Odd Piece Of An Odd Case

Bradley Manning, the Army private accused of giving information to the website WikiLeaks, is expected in court on Tuesday. Manning denies being a spy and recently offered to plead guilty to minor charges. This is just one more oddity in a case some describe as "bizarre."

Supreme Court Hears Case Asking: Who's A Boss?

The definition is important because employers are automatically liable for damages in most cases in which a supervisor harasses a subordinate. At issue in Monday's arguments at the Supreme Court was a lower court decision that declared that only a person with the ability to fire or hire employees can be considered a supervisor.

Sandy May Be Costliest Hurricane To Hit East Coast

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg says Superstorm Sandy cost the city and local businesses some $20 billion dollars.

Holiday Season May Be A Good One For U.S. Retailers

Cyber Monday saw a big retail push following a Black Friday that expanded into Thanksgiving Day. The big question now is whether all the early shopping will boost total holiday sales or just push them up earlier on the calendar.