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The Missing Women Were Seemingly In Plain Sight

Clevelanders are feeling a sense of relief this week after three missing women were found. They were all in the same house, despite going missing during separate incidents several years ago. But now their discovery brings more questions than answers. Host Michel Martin talks with Rachel Dissell, of The Plain Dealer about the case.

S.C. Voters Confer Comeback Title On Mark Sanford

Former Republican Governor Mark Sanford reclaimed his political career Tuesday night, winning the South Carolina congressional seat he once held. He defeated Democrat Elizabeth Colbert Busch in a special election.

USC Students Allege Racial Profiling By LAPD

After LAPD officers arrived in riot gear and a helicopter to shut down a party, many students said the department was unfairly targeting students of color.

Debt Settlement Firm Accused Of Defrauding Thousands

For the first time, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has referred a criminal case to the Department of Justice. The bureau accuses a debt relief company called Mission Settlement Agency of bilking consumers out of millions. The suit alleges the company lied about fees and its results.

Can Chicago's Bulls Beat Defending Champion Miami Heat?

The NBA playoffs continue, and in the spotlight right now are the Chicago Bulls and the Miami Heat. Game 2 in their second-round series is being played Wednesday night in Miami.

Texas Woman Says Bacon Is Key To Long Life

Pearl Cantrell, 105, says she eats bacon every day. That caught the attention of Oscar Meyer, and the company sent the Weinermobile to visit her.

Workers Wreak Havoc During Home Remodeling Job In Oregon

KCST radio reports the first man started a fire in the carport to get warm. When the fire got out of control, a second worker used an excavator to knock down the carport — but the fire had spread to a tree. Which explains why the workers cut down the 120-foot Douglas fir — causing it to crash on the vacant house they were fixing.