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Residents Wait To Return Home After Landslide On Puget Sound Island

More than a dozen people were evacuated in the neighborhood where a large landslide severely damaged one home and threatened 33 others on Whidbey Island, about 50 miles north of Seattle.

Powerball Winner Owes Thousands In Child Support Payments

This week, Pedro Quezada of New Jersey claimed the fourth-largest Powerball jackpot ever. Now he can pay off his $29,000 child support bill.

'Arsenal' Found At Newtown Shooter's Home; Read The Police Reports

Just hours after 20 children and six educators were killed in December at Sandy Hook Elementary School, investigators started gathering evidence at gunman Adam Lanza's home.

Cheap Natural Gas Pumping New Life Into U.S. Factories

Many economists say Americans are witnessing a "manufacturing renaissance," thanks to abundant and reliable energy sources.

Office Lottery Winners Share With Non-Player

At a Florida real estate agency, employees pooled their cash to buy Powerball tickets. They won a million bucks. Everyone had chipped in except Jennifer Maldonado, who had just started working there and was "watching her pennies." All 12 winners each still gave her part of their $83,000 share.

Why Grain Storage Bin Rescues Are Risky And Complex

Grain bin entrapments are so common that some rural fire departments have specially trained teams and customized equipment to rescue victims. When corn or grain trap workers, it is difficult to extract victims, and rescuers have very technical ways to proceed.

Researchers Expect Oil Demand To Plateau By Decade's End

A report by analysts at Citigroup says a shift from oil to natural gas that began in the United States is about to follow suit in other countries. The report says gas may supplant oil for generating electricity in the developing world and will also become more commonly used for transportation.