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Obama Keeping A Low Profile On Possible Gun Control Legislation

At the Newtown, Conn., memorial service on Sunday, President Obama spoke about a need to take action to protect America's children from gun violence. Since then, the White House has been decidedly quiet about his intentions, but behind the scenes, the administration has set several things in motion. Scott Horsley looks at options President Obama is considering and the politics of his personal stake.

Building A Rover Of The Edible Kind

If you've ever wanted to eat a replica of the Mars rover Curiosity that made history this summer, here's your chance. A Caltech chef made one out of gingerbread, and it's on display in the lobby of the Athenaeum, a faculty and staff club on the Caltech campus.

One Airport's Trash Is 2 Million Worms' Treasure

Many airports send their discarded french fries, burgers and Cinnabons to the landfill. But Charlotte Douglas International plans to transform that garbage into fertilizer for flower beds. All it needed was a couple of million red wiggler worms.

Coal May Pass Oil As World's No. 1 Energy Source By 2017, Study Says

Coal is poised to replace oil as the world's top energy source — possibly in the next five years, according to the International Energy Agency. The rise will be driven largely by growth in China and India, the IEA says, while the only large decline is seen coming in the United States.

Officials In Newtown Follow A Well-Worn Media Script

Controlling the flow of verifiable information, and trying to keep the news media in one place by holding regular news conferences, is a strategy that law enforcement has used in past major stories.

Witnessing Tragedy: How Lives Change

Traumatic events — from car crashes to mass shootings — can dramatically change the lives of witnesses. Victims, first responders and those who see a tragedy unfold may find their lives profoundly changed.

Obama Supports New Bid To Ban Assault Weapons, Close Gun Show 'Loophole'

The president has long said he's in favor of reinstating the ban. In the wake of Friday's mass shooting at a school in Connecticut, he has now publicly given his support to Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein's effort to ban such weapons.

Investment Firm Selling Stakes In Gun Makers

Private equity firm, Cerberus, is getting rid of Freedom Group, a company it invested in six years ago. Freedom Group is comprised of several weapons manufacturers, including Bushmaster; a Bushmaster rifle was used in last week's school shooting in Newtown, Conn.