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With No Unified Database, Many Murder Victims Remain Nameless

Israel Keyes confessed to murdering as many as 11 people across the country before killing himself in 2012. But Keyes didn't name his victims, and efforts to identify them have been frustrated by a lack of a federally mandated national missing persons database.

Convicted Philadelphia Abortion Doctor Gets Life In Prison

Dr. Kermit Gosnell was spared the death penalty after he agreed to give up his right to an appeal. Gosnell, 72, was found guilty Monday of first-degree murder in three illegally performed late-term abortions.

Baseball's 'Most Durable Batboy' Marks 55 Years On The Field

Stan Bronson is an icon of the University of Memphis baseball team. His is an honorary position without pay, so the university provides his food and medical care. At 84, he's remained healthy for his age, but there are concerns about the medical care he may require as he ages.

How A Florida Medical School Cares For Communities In Need

Florida International University's medical school has made community-based health care a central part of its curriculum. With home visits and a mobile health clinic, students connect with families in neighborhoods where medical care is scarce.

Huge Boost In U.S. Oil Output Set To Transform Global Market

The International Energy Agency says U.S. shale output and petroleum from Canada's tar sands are transforming global energy markets.

Holder Defends Subpoena Of Journalists' Phone Logs

The attorney general says the time and scope covered by the subpoena of Associated Press phone logs fell within Justice Department guidelines.