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Boston Bombings Suspect To Appear, Survivors To Be In Court

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev will be appearing in public for the first time since he was captured on April 19. He's due to be arraigned Wednesday afternoon in a Boston courtroom.

Investors Brace For News Out Of Fed Minutes

The minutes of the Federal Reserve's June meeting will be released a 2 p.m. That's the meeting chairman Bernanke said the Fed could begin to think about reducing the amount of money it pumps into the economy.

Chaos Abroad Challenges America's Power

Syria's civil war rages, Egypt's leadership churns, and the U.S. seems unable to shape world events. It's not clear how much the U.S. viewpoint matters now in Egypt or elsewhere across the Middle East. Over the last several months, the chaos across the region has been a case study in the limits of American power.

U.S. Troop Issue Complicates Diplomacy With Afghanistan

President Obama is considering pulling all U.S. troops out of Afghanistan by the end of next year, but the White House says no decision is imminent. Administration officials say the U.S. and Afghanistan are still talking about whether the U.S. will keep some residual force in Afghanistan after 2014.

How Oregon Is Getting 'Frequent Fliers' Out Of The ER

Oregon is trying to reduce health costs by encouraging people who get routine care in hospital emergency rooms to go to doctors' offices instead. Cutting out even a few hospital visits can save a lot of money.

In Montana Wilds, An Unlikely Alliance To Save The Sage Grouse

The chicken-size sage grouse is as much a part of America's Western range as antelopes and cowboys. The birds nest beneath sagebrush, and as it disappears, so do the grouse. Biologists hope to protect the bird without starting a 21st century range war.

Banjo Billy's Bus Tour: History, Mystery And Bad Jokes

Boulder, Colo., is usually associated with hiking and the outdoors. But one tour guide makes the town's history come alive through humor.

Asiana Crash Trip Was Pilot's First As Instructor, NTSB Says

Of three experienced pilots in the cockpit of Asiana Airlines Flight 214, the pilot landing the plane had never before flown with the instructor pilot. And the trip was the instructor's first in that capacity. When the plane crashed, two flight attendants were ejected from the rear of the cabin.

Congress Still Squabbling Over Student Loan Rate Increase

Congressional inaction let the interest rate for some student loans double at the start of the month, even though lawmakers' preferred solutions don't seem that far apart. The Senate is planning to vote Wednesday on a proposal that would bring rates back down for one year.

After Asiana Crash, Pilot Training Gets New Scrutiny

Speculation about Saturday's plane crash has focused on the Asiana pilot, who had only 43 hours of Boeing 777 flying experience. But industry experts say pilot training regimes for major airlines rigorously prepare pilots to fly different plane models — and to work as members of a team in the cockpit.