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Ex-LAPD Officer, Who Vowed Revenge, Suspected In Murders

A manhunt is underway in Southern California for a former LAPD officer considered armed and extremely dangerous. Christopher Dorner is suspected of killing three people. Dorner was fired from the force in 2008 and vowed revenge.

Court's Swearing Decision Goes In Favor Of N.Y. Man

Police arrested Trevis D. Baker for swearing but New York's highest court threw out the charges. Because the arrest was invalid, the court disallowed a search police conducted after the arrest. Baker walks away with freedom of speech, and no charges for possessing 25 bags of crack.

Do Boeing Engineers Have Enough Leverage To Strike?

Boeing engineers in the Pacific Northwest are voting on whether to authorize a strike. The labor dispute is playing out against a dramatic backdrop. The engineers are needed now more than ever to help fix the batteries on Boeing's flagship 787 Dreamliner.

Parishioners Debate Cardinal Mahony's Legacy

In Los Angeles, Roman Catholic parishioners are still coming to terms with the release of thousands of pages of church documents detailing clergy sex abuse. The newly public files also reveal how former Archbishop Roger Mahony and other leaders acted to shield accused priests, in some cases assigning them to other states to avoid police.

New Hampshire Wants Voting Oversight To End

A conservative public interest group is protesting a deal between New Hampshire and the U.S. Justice Department that would remove the state from special federal oversight. Justice Department officials say the deal is evidence the voting rights laws under Supreme Court challenge work. Conservatives say it's a ploy.

Stressed Out Americans Want Help, But Many Don't Get It

Health care professionals aren't giving Americans the stress management advice they want, according to a new survey. The untreated anxiety may be good news for the snack food and video game industries.

Bush Family's Emails Hacked; Probe Under Way

A report in The Smoking Gun about the hacking has led to a criminal investigation. The hacker reportedly got hold of photos, cellphone numbers and home addresses. Also, some "sensitive correspondence."

50 Million People In Path Of Potentially Historic Blizzard

From Pennsylvania and New Jersey north through New York State and into New England, blizzard and storm warnings are up. By the time the storm is over on Saturday, some places may have 3 feet of new snow.