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'66 Volvo Set To Hit 3 Million Miles In September

Retired teacher Irv Gordon has been driving, and driving, and driving his car for decades. Volvo projects he'll pass the 3 million mile mark in September. The company thinks no one's driven the same vehicle that many miles before.

The Life Of Paula Deen: In A Four Course Menu

What's on the menu? A Paula Deen retrospective.

Texas' Looming Hispanic Shift Explained In 2 Charts

Within a decade, Hispanics are projected to eclipse non-Hispanic whites as the largest race or ethnic group in Texas. The political impact could reverberate across the nation.

It Was A 'Horrific Honor' To Recover 19 Firefighters' Bodies

When the bodies of 19 young men killed while battling a wildfire in Arizona were brought from the scene, it was their comrades who carried out that solemn task. They've talked with the Arizona Republic about why they wanted to do that for their friends.

Dramatic Crash Video Among Latest Clues In Asiana Accident

A "plane spotter" who was recording as jets came in to San Francisco International Airport on Saturday captured video of the accident. It shows the aircraft hitting the ground and sliding down the runway. Remarkably, 305 of the 307 people on board survived.


10 Killed In Crash Of Alaska Air Taxi

In one of the worst accidents in a state with a history of small plane crashes, the aircraft went down at the small airport in Soldotna. Located on the Kennai Peninsula, Soldatna is about 75 miles southwest of Anchorage.

NTSB Investigators Probe Clues Of Asiana Flight 214 Crash

More details are emerging about the crash of Asiana flight 214 at San Francisco International Airport on Saturday that killed two people. The Boeing 777 jet nearly stalled on its approach to land, and the flight crew tried to take corrective action just seconds before it hit the ground. There's also word the pilot, while having extensive flying experience, had only 43 hours on the 777.

EU-U.S. Trade: A Tale Of Two Farms

U.S. and EU officials begin talks Monday on a free-trade deal that could create thousands of jobs and billions of dollars in new trade. But there are deep-seated differences that may make it difficult to reach an accord. Among the most contentious: agriculture, and whether genetically modified crops grown in the U.S. will be welcome in Europe.

New Handicapped Sign Rolls Into New York City

A pair of guerrilla artists are on a mission to bring new momentum to the wheelchair-bound figure. It's an attitude that's already given some disabled people a voice they haven't had before.

Stevens Leaves Butler To Coach Boston Celtics

Brad Stevens, coach of the Butler Bulldogs men's college basketball team, is headed for a bigger stage and bigger bucks in the NBA. NPR's Mike Pesca talks with Weekend Edition Sunday host Rachel Martin about why Stevens is a coach with indisputable, quantifiable worth.