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'Illusioning Victory From Defeat': A Washington Story

The political messaging of failure isn't easy. Just ask New York Sen. Charles Schumer, who called the GOP's rejection of his immigration bill "encouraging."

Years Later, Miss Indian America Pageant Winners Reunite

The Native American pageant's goal was to help counter racism in Sheridan, Wyo., though some say it only reinforced stereotypes.

Jury Begins Deliberations In George Zimmerman Case

Closing arguments in the George Zimmerman murder trial wrapped up Friday and the case has gone to the jury.

Boeing Takes Another Hit With Fire On Plagued 787 Dreamliner

Boeing's stock plummeted more than 7 percent on news of another fire on board a 787 Dreamliner. The plane was on the ground at London's Heathrow Airport and no passengers were on board. It's not known yet whether the fire had anything to do with the troubled plane's battery or electric system.

Wal-Mart Threatens To Pull Out Of D.C. Over Wage Requirements

Wal-Mart says it will not build three of the six stores planned for Washington, D.C., after the city council passed a bill that would require the retailer to pay a wage nearly 50 percent higher than the city's minimum wage. Those three stores would be located in mostly low-income areas, with high unemployment and few places to shop. A similar situation once played out in Chicago.

Community Leaders Brace For Fallout From Zimmerman Verdict

Jury deliberations for George Zimmerman's murder trial began on Friday. But community leaders in Florida have already started preparing for public response to the verdict. Some leaders worry that public outcry similar to the demonstrations leading up to Zimmerman's arrest will boil over, and they're trying to tamper the public's expectations for closure with the Trayvon Martin case.

Snowden's Asylum Contingent On Not Leaking More Secrets

Former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden is requesting asylum in Russia while he pursues a more permanent asylum in Latin America. A condition of his continued stay in Russia is that he stop releasing information that is damaging to the US.

Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano To Resign

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano is stepping down to take charge of the University of California system.

Justice Tightens Guidelines For Obtaining Records From Media

Attorney General Eric Holder says his department will give news outlets prior notice of plans to obtain reporters' phone and email records.

Awkwardly Awaiting The Zimmerman Trial's Outcome

Officials are trying to head off possible violent reactions to the verdict, but isn't it weird to be sitting around discussing human behavior like weather patterns?