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Teen Who Died In Asiana Crash Was Hit By A Firetruck, Police Say

It remains uncertain how Ye Meng Yuan, 16, died. San Francisco police officials who spoke about the incident today said that she was found on the ground at the runway, covered by foam the fire crews were spraying on the smoldering jet.

Does The Canadian Rail Explosion Make Pipelines Look Safer?

The Canadian train tragedy is becoming Exhibit A in the political case for building pipelines, such as the proposed Keystone XL, as well as for opposing them. Meanwhile, energy companies have boosted rail shipments of oil in response to a surge in production.

'Can't Even See The Sky': Ex-Prisoner On Solitary Confinement

Thousands of California prisoners are waging a hunger strike, protesting conditions in the prisons. For more on the strike and the prisoners' demands, host Michel Martin talks with Los Angeles Times Reporter Paige St. John and former inmate Jerry Elster, of Legal Services for Prisoners with Children.

Remembering A Scholar Who Reshaped States

Alan Rosenthal, a giant in the study of state legislatures, was also a leading figure in changing the way they operated. He died Wednesday, at 81.

Heavy Rains Send Iowa's Precious Soil Downriver

The biggest loser from this year's heavy rains in the Midwest is the land itself. An environmental group says 50 townships in Iowa have lost more than five tons of topsoil per acre, "more than what is tolerable over an entire year."

A Quick History Of Accidental Online Purchases By Kids

Paul Stoute says his 14-month-old daughter recently used his smartphone to tap her way through the app's purchasing prompts and bought herself an early sweet 16 present — a vintage car. The Internet is full of stories of technology getting the better of both buyers and sellers.

Zimmerman Attorney: Prosecution Failed To Make Its Case

In closing, lawyers for the neighborhood watch volunteer accused in the fatal shooting of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, say its clear their client acted in self defense during the 2012 confrontation.

Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano Stepping Down

She is to become the University of California's next president. Confirmation of a successor could take time. Speculation on a successor has already begun. Perhaps former Sen. Joe Lieberman?

Is Too Much Collaboration a Bad Thing?

Software entrepreneur Jason Fried has a radical theory of working: that the office isn't a good place to do it. In his TED talk, he lays out the main problems and offers suggestions to make work work.

Can You Code A Better Government?

Can government be run like the Internet, permissionless and open? Coder and activist Jennifer Pahlka believes it can — and that apps, built quickly and cheaply, are a powerful new way to connect citizens to their governments — and their neighbors.