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Why Not Go Over The Fiscal Cliff?

The White House is promising to veto a new tax proposal from House Speaker John Boehner. But who's bluffing and what's believable when it comes to fiscal negotiations? And what happens if talks break down? For Tell Me More's 'Why Not?' series, host Michel Martin takes a look at what might be on the other side of the fiscal cliff.

White House Says Obama Would Veto GOP's 'Plan B' For Avoiding 'Fiscal Cliff'

While negotiations go on behind the scenes, the two sides continue to talk in public about problems they have with each other's ideas.

U.S. Will Sell Off Its General Motors Stock

The Treasury Department says General Motors will buy back 200 million of its own shares; the remaining 300 million shares will be sold off over the next 12 to 15 months.

Robert Bork, Who Was Turned Down For Supreme Court, Dies

His 1987 nomination hearing was a hotly contested battle of ideas. "On a whole host of subjects, from individual privacy to civil rights, he defied the conventional wisdom and said the Supreme Court had been wrong," NPR's Nina Totenberg has said. The Senate turned Bork down by a vote of 58-42.

Newtown Shootings: Funerals Continue; Biden To Lead Task Force

The president is expected to confirm today that he has asked Vice President Biden to head up an administration-wide effort to find ways to curb gun violence.

Lottery Winners Donate To School's Football Stadium

The Iowa couple has one requirement: The visiting team's locker room must be painted pink. The inspiration for this design element came from Kinnick stadium at the University of Iowa. Its pink walls, shelves and urinals have taunted visiting teams for years.

Oregon Man Advertises For Wife

Sandy McCulloch is walking around the town of Corvallis with a sign around his neck reading: "Wanted: A Wife." McCulloch is 82. He'd take a younger woman, but no younger than 60.

Mich. Gov. Vetoes Concealed Weapons Bill

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder vetoed a bill Tuesday that would have allowed people with concealed pistol permits to carry guns into schools and other public spaces. He said the legislation did not allow individual places to opt out.