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Small Towns Struggle Too

The city of Detroit has been in the headlines after the state announced plans to appoint an emergency financial manager. But how are smaller cities dealing with a budget that's in the red? To find out more, host Michel Martin speaks with Diana Garza, mayor of Floresville, Texas. Garza is new to the job — a position that pays $100 a month.

Startup Wants To Redefine How Local Foods Get To Your Door

Demand for local foods is growing, but in many places, there still aren't efficient networks for getting them to consumers. A San Francisco startup called Good Eggs is trying out a new model: It's acting as the middleman, letting customers order from lots of different local producers and then delivering straight to their homes.

Today: First Key Votes On Gun Laws Since Newtown Shootings

The Senate Judiciary Committee takes up four proposals. They include a new ban on assault-style weapons. While the bills are likely to get the committee's OK, they face opposition after that.

Suspect In New York City Hit-And-Run Surrenders To Police

Julio Acevedo, who had eluded authorities since the crash Sunday, turned himself in at a Pennsylvania convenience store.

Nearly 13 Hours Later, Sen. Paul Ends His Filibuster; Here's The Video

The senator said he "would speak, until I can no longer speak," and he hit that wall early Thursday. His goal was to get the Obama administration to pledge it won't use drone attacks against American citizens on U.S. soil. He's put a bright spotlight on the issue.


With Budget Cuts For Ports, Produce May Perish

Nogales, Ariz., is home to one of the nation's busiest ports of entry. Trucks line up for inspection before heading to grocery stores in the U.S. But the sequester is forcing the ports to make cuts, leading some to fear higher prices for food and strained relationships with foreign trading partners.

Obama Looks For A Spring Thaw With Congress To Start Melting Deficit

With across-the-board spending cuts now on autopilot, there's a momentary lull in Washington's budget brinksmanship. So the president is using this window to try to craft a more lasting approach to the federal debt.

Challenge To Michigan's Gay Marriage Ban Grows From Adoption Case

A federal judge could rule as soon as Thursday in the case, which comes as the U.S. Supreme Court is also set to deal with gay marriage later this month. In Michigan, a lesbian couple sued because the state bans same-sex couples from adopting kids. Then, the judge invited them to go even further.