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Is The Zimmerman Prosecution Legally 'Weak?'

George Zimmerman's defense team is wrapping up its case. Host Michel Martin talks with law professors Paul Butler and Pamela Bucy Pierson about some of the legal strategies at play so far, and if this case could affect self-defense laws across the country.

Zimmerman Trial In The Court Of Public Opinion

As George Zimmerman's trial wraps up, host Michel Martin talks with a roundtable of social media watchers about public opinion of the case. They discuss how the courtroom proceedings are playing out in living rooms around the U.S.

Despite Youth Support, Democrats Having A Senior Moment

For a party that's running up big margins with younger voters, Democrats are awfully gray at the top.

Catholics Split Again On Coverage For Birth Control

Three years ago, the Catholic Health Association, whose members run hospitals and nursing homes across the country, backed passage of the federal health law. The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, which represents the hierarchy of the church, opposed it. The groups remain divided over the law's requirement for most employer-based health insurance plans to provide women with contraceptives.

VIDEO: Rare Clip Reveals Roosevelt's Use Of Wheelchair

The press and the president's aides kept the public from seeing that he often used a wheelchair to move around. Cameras were blocked. But an Indiana college professor came across 8 seconds worth of film that documents FDR's use of a wheelchair.

Tax Break Can Help With Health Coverage, But There's A Catch

People with lower incomes can get help paying for health insurance through the Affordable Care Act. But buyer beware: the two options, tax credits and subsidies, work differently. People whose income goes up could end up having to pay back some of those tax credits.

Utah Internet Firm Defies State's Warrantless Subpoena Law

An Internet service provider is refusing to turn over customer information in response to a subpoena. It's part of a larger tug-of-war over how much access law enforcement should have to customer data.

Boston Bombings Suspect To Appear, Survivors To Be In Court

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev will be appearing in public for the first time since he was captured on April 19. He's due to be arraigned Wednesday afternoon in a Boston courtroom.

Investors Brace For News Out Of Fed Minutes

The minutes of the Federal Reserve's June meeting will be released a 2 p.m. That's the meeting chairman Bernanke said the Fed could begin to think about reducing the amount of money it pumps into the economy.

Chaos Abroad Challenges America's Power

Syria's civil war rages, Egypt's leadership churns, and the U.S. seems unable to shape world events. It's not clear how much the U.S. viewpoint matters now in Egypt or elsewhere across the Middle East. Over the last several months, the chaos across the region has been a case study in the limits of American power.