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Tea Party Assessing Damage From Election 2012?

One group that's picking up the pieces after the election is the Tea Party. Host Michel Martin talks to Tea Party Patriots' Shelby Blakely about what went wrong, and what's next for Tea Party activists.

Convicted Idiot: Driver Who Passed School Bus Holds Her Sign Of Shame

Shena Hardin of Cleveland kept driving up on a sidewalk to get around a stopped school bus. After the police nabbed her, a judge ordered that she stand at the scene of the crime for two mornings with a sign telling the world that only an idiot would do that. Day 1 was today.

Alternative Minimum Tax And Your Bottom Line

If the government goes over the "fiscal cliff," millions of households could see tax increases because of an obscure part of the tax code, known as the Alternative Minimum Tax. Host Michel Martin talks with NPR Business Editor Marilyn Geewax about exactly what could happen and who would be affected.

Second General Getting Snared In Petraeus Scandal Is 'Mind-Boggling'

The stunning resignation of CIA Director David Petraeus, a retired 4-star general, has been followed by an investigation into potentially inappropriate communications between Gen. John Allen and a woman in Tampa.

Petraeus Affair Widens: Who's Who & What's What? Here's A Guide

The investigation into the former CIA director's extramarital affair has now ensnared the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan. Investigators found thousands of communications between Gen. John Allen and a Tampa woman. He says they were not inappropriate. The sordid story is getting confusing.

Dictionary Chooses American Word Of 2012

"GIF," as in the file type, has been chosen as Oxford Dictionary's American word of 2012. It's short for graphic interface format. The runner up? "YOLO," which is short for "You only live once."

Homeless Man Jailed For Charging Cell Phone

A police officer in Sarasota, Fla., said he was being conscientious when he arrested a homeless man in a park, who was charging a cell phone in a picnic shelter. The officer accused him of theft of city utilities. A judge threw out the case.