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GOP Establishment Digs Deep For Alabama Special Election

The GOP establishment's preferred candidate has an overwhelming cash advantage over the Tea Party favorite in Tuesday's Alabama special election.

Gunman Opens Fire At Los Angeles International Airport

A lone gunman opened fire Friday at Los Angeles International Airport, police say. Police fired on the alleged shooter, who is now in police custody. The attack left one TSA officer dead and at least seven people needing medical treatment (including the shooter), officials said. The shooting forced the evacuation of a terminal and more than 45 flights into and out of LAX have been cancelled.

An East L.A. Football Rivalry, Unchanged For 79 Years

An East Los Angeles rivalry has become the largest high school football game west of the Mississippi. The football teams of Garfield High School and Roosevelt High School will meet on the gridiron Friday night for the 79th year. The game is expected to draw 20,000 fans.
NPR's Rocky First Month Leaves Plenty Of Questions

Friday marked one month since the health care exchange marketplace opened. It's unclear how many people have actually enrolled in insurance, how much more the contractors who bungled the software will get paid and whether consumers will be satisfied with the plans they get.

Reduced Foodstamps Payouts Could Hurt The Economy

Food stamp recipients will see a cut in their benefits starting Friday. For the hungry and unemployed, more cuts may be coming. That's a challenge for the affected families, but it could also be a drain on the broader economy.

The NSA Doesn't Think Your Joke Mug Is Funny

The latest twist in the unfolding National Security Agency surveillance story comes in the form of a coffee mug. The NSA filed a cease-and-desist order over a parody of their logo and now the affected artist is fighting back with a lawsuit.

Rule Change Allows Rollover For Flexible Spending Accounts

The rule modification for FSAs means that workers can now carry over up to $500 into the next calendar year without being penalized.

Pakistani Taliban Chief Killed In U.S. Drone Strike

U.S. and Taliban officials have told various news agencies that Hakimullah Mehsud was killed in the tribal North Waziristan region of Pakistan.

TSA: One Officer Dead, 'Multiple' Shot By Gunman At LA Airport

A suspect was shot and is in custody, authorities say, and at least six victims are being treated. Flights are delayed or diverted. Authorities have told local news outlets that the incident began around 9:30 a.m. local time when a TSA employee was shot at a security checkpoint.

A Spice Buyer On Why Pepper Is Dirty, And How It Gets Clean

Spices get dirty because of the way they're grown, stored and harvested, according to the head spice buyer for McCormick & Company. Because there are so many small farmers and shippers worldwide, that end of the supply chain is hard to control. So spices need to be sterilized before they hit supermarket shelves.