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Collecting Taxes Among Detroit's Financial Troubles

As Detroit grapples with the largest municipal bankruptcy in the nation's history, city officials are dealing with a long-standing financial problem — collecting taxes. In recent years, only about half of the property taxes in Detroit have been paid in full. But some officials say the city's government has grown so dysfunctional, people who want to pay taxes sometimes have no place to do it.

La. Flood Board Sues Oil Industry For Destroying Wetlands

Since the 1930s, Louisiana has steadily been losing land that protects the city from hurricanes and other disasters. So the government group charged with shielding New Orleans from flooding sued about 100 oil and gas companies on Wednesday for their role in damaging coastal wetlands.

After Years Of Violence, L.A.'s Watts Sees Crime Subside

For decades, the Watts neighborhood has been notorious for gang violence and strained relations between residents and police. But violent crime and homicide have fallen dramatically in recent years and a community policing effort is helping to ease tensions between cops and the community.

King Wing Presents Both A Problem And An Opportunity For GOP

In an odd way, Rep. Steve King could actually wind up helping Republican members of Congress who want to overhaul immigration laws.

Cyclist's Felony Manslaughter Plea First Of Its Kind In U.S.

A bicyclist who struck and killed a pedestrian in San Francisco last year pleaded guilty to felony vehicular manslaughter, prosecutors said Wednesday, a conviction that is the first of its kind in the nation.

Move Over Nursing Homes — There's Something Different

One thing most people dread as they age is ending up in a nursing home, where they imagine they'll have to deal with sharing a room, rigid schedules and bad smells. But the Green House Project, an alternative to traditional nursing homes, is trying to change that. Its founder says he wants to "abolish" the old, often lonely model.

Full-Time Vs. Part-Time Workers: Restaurants Weigh Obamacare

With the new health care law on the horizon, the restaurant industry is looking carefully at the looming health insurance requirements. Some national chains are looking at ways of limiting the new law's impact on the bottom line, while other restaurant owners say the new law won't change much for them.

S.C. Court Orders 'Baby Veronica' Adoption Finalized

The emotional legal case over custody of a young girl, which went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, appears to have come to an end. South Carolina's highest court on Wednesday ordered the adoption of 3-year-old "Baby Veronica" finalized. She will live with a white couple, not her Native American father.

How The Death Of A 12-Year-Old Changed The City Of Dallas

Forty years ago, a white police officer shot and killed a 12-year-old boy who was handcuffed in a police car. Santos Rodriguez's death sparked outrage and spurred changes in the city's police force.

Why The Latest Gulf Leak Is No BP Disaster

Deep-sea natural gas reservoirs sometimes contain oil, but experts say it's highly unlikely Tuesday's accident in the Gulf of Mexico would leak anything like the BP spill. And there are signs suggesting the only thing crews have to deal with is leaking gas.