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Tracking A $500 Million Art Heist From 23 Years Ago

The FBI is seeking information in what is the largest property crime case in history. In 1990, thieves dressed as police officers made off with 13 art pieces valued at up to $500 million. They included two Rembrandt oil paintings.

RNC Election Report Calls For Minority Outreach, Primary Changes

The Republican Party has issued a blistering assessment of why it lost the 2012 election. Focused groups described the party as narrow minded and out of touch. The report recommended many changes to become competitive again.

A Guilty Conscience Needs No Accuser

The Barry County Sheriff's Department in Michigan has received $1,200 in cash with an emotional letter. The writer admitted stealing $800 from a convenience store some 30 years ago.

Visual Effects Firms Miss Out On Films Financial Success

Life of Pi won four Oscars including one for visual effects. But the company that did much of its work, Rhythm & Hues is bankrupt and is being sold at auction. At a time when movies are increasingly depending on computer effects, why are the economics not holding up?

Accident During Live-Fire Exercise Kills At Least Seven Marines In Nevada

A mortar round apparently exploded inside an artillery tube, military officials tell NPR's Tom Bowman.

Historian Propels Connecticut To Claim 'First In Flight'

Gustave Whitehead, a German immigrant who lived in Bridgeport, Conn., was the first to fly a plane, according to one expert who examined a photo recently unearthed in a Bavarian museum. This claim has reignited a debate among researchers, and a fight with the Smithsonian.

Bloomberg Wants Retailers To Keep Tobacco Products Out Of Sight

The proposal unveiled Monday comes a week after a judge blocked the New York mayor's effort to limit large sugary drinks. Its aim, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg said, is to curb the rate of youth smoking.