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Do Right-To-Work Laws Help Or Hurt The Economy?

This week Michigan became the 24th state to enact right-to-work laws. Advocates say such laws create more jobs, while opponents say it means lower wages for workers. Audie Cornish speaks with Timothy Bartik of the W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research, who says that while there are many studies looking at the laws, it is difficult to determine what, if any, effect the laws have on a state's economic health.

Future Of Retail May Involve Personalized Shopping

This week we are exploring the evolution of the American shopping experience. In the third installment in this series, Audie Cornish speaks with retail architect M.J. Munsell and retail consultant Bob Hetu about what shopping in the future will be like.

Smuggling In Southern California Up 30 Percent

A couple of high-profile incidents over the last week have increased attention on smuggling operations off the coast of California. Mexican cartels bring drugs and illegal immigrants up the coast of California in small fishing boats. Stiff border defenses are pushing the boats farther north.

Military Homecomings Still Bittersweet For Some

Thousands of Americans are still deployed overseas in Afghanistan and Iraq. A few soldiers from Fort Campbell returned home on Thursday after a nine month deployment to Afghanistan.

Forget Horse Thieves, Now They're Stealing Hay

One of ranching's most basic materials is in high demand right now, and hay theft is on the rise. The summer's drought has decreased the supply of hay across much of the U.S. It's resulting in higher prices and hay banditry.

New Logo At University Of California Causes Uproar

There is uproar over the newly designed logo for the University of California. Students and alumni around the state are up in arms, saying the new logo is ugly and simplistic and does not convey the heritage and prestige of the institution.