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A City Leveled By Hurricane Andrew Rebuilds, Again

Twenty years ago, Homestead, Fla., was in the eye of what was then the worst storm to hit the U.S. Hurricane Andrew wiped out nearly every building here. After a shaky couple of years, Homestead rebuilt, and by 2007, it was the fastest-growing city in Florida. And then the housing bust hit.

U. Of Colorado To Students: No Guns In Dorms, Please

The University of Colorado, Boulder, is now allowing students with concealed carry permits to carry handguns in almost all campus areas. The policy follows a state Supreme Court ruling that overturned a university ban on all handguns on campus.

Caring For Others In Bountiful, Utah

The Rocky Mountain Care Foundation provides charitable healthcare services and aims to improve the overall quality of life for low-income people.

Tampa Home To The RNC And The Most Political Ads

When the Republican convention in begins in Tampa next week, it will do so in the number one most advertised TV market this election cycle.

Democrats Give Up On Capturing Maine Senate Seat

It looks like the Democratic Party has all but given up on clinching the seat now held by retiring Republican Senator Olympia Snowe. Independent Angus King has lead in the polls since he announced he was running. Even the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee isn't helping Democrat Cynthia Dill in her run for the seat.