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Concussion Prescription: A Year On The Bench For Youngsters?

Young athletes who have two concussions within a year take nearly three times as long to recover as someone experiencing one concussion. A history of past concussions also hurt recovery times.

You Face A U.S. Legal Problem. Where Should You Run?

The options aren't great. But those seeking to avoid prosecution have often claimed political asylum or fled to countries at odds with the U.S. Then there's Iceland.

Partisan Feuds Roll On In IRS Investigation

Even the admission of a self-described conservative Republican IRS manager that he was at the heart of the agency's targeting of Tea Party groups hasn't disrupted the partisan head-butting. Indeed, it may have intensified it.

BP Ends Oil Spill Cleanup In Gulf, Except For Louisiana

The Coast Guard will be responsible for any reports of residual oil in areas outside BP's Louisiana patrol zone along the Gulf Coast. There's no end in sight for BP's cleanup efforts in Louisiana, a Coast Guard officer says.

What Is Meant By The Term 'Whistle-Blower'

When Edward Snowden came forward as having leaked information about a National Security Agency program, he was quickly labeled a "whistle-blower" by many. Is that a misnomer?

Sandwich Monday: The Politician

For this week's Sandwich Monday, a very quick look at a new sandwich from the West Virginia chain Tudor's Biscuit World.

How Serious Is The NSA Data Leak?

The whistleblower who exposed vast surveillance operations by the NSA says he has done nothing wrong. Host Michel Martin speaks to Republican strategist Ron Christie and former adviser to the Obama administration, Corey Ealons, about what his actions mean for the President's second term. They also check in with other top political stories.

Despite Images Of Affluence, LGBT Poverty High

Movies and television shows frequently depict gay characters as rich, but a new study finds that families led by LGBT Americans have higher rates of poverty than those headed by heterosexuals. Host Michel Martin speaks with the study's lead author Lee Badgett about the findings.

No Decisions Yet On The Most-Anticipated Supreme Court Cases

As the court's latest term nears its end, the justices are due to issue rulings on some major cases. But on Monday, once again, they were not among the decisions handed down. The next "decision day": Thursday.

Trayvon Martin Killing: 2 Sides Want Very Different Jurors

The trial gets started Monday in Florida. George Zimmerman is charged with second-degree murder. Experts say prosecutors will look for young jurors, while the defense will focus on older people. Trayvon's death sparked protests and a national discussion about race relations.