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Pre-Election Legal Battles Target Voting Rules

New laws on voter identification and early voting are being challenged in court. Some cases could drag on until Nov. 6, Election Day, and beyond. The outcomes will affect voters, and maybe even the results.

In The Kitchen With The Inventor Of Steak-Umm

Eugene Gagliardi also invented KFC's popcorn chicken. And he's got some ideas about drumsticks.

Lance Armstrong Says He Won't Fight Doping Charges

The seven-time Tour de France winner said he was tired of fighting "outlandish and heinous" accusations of drug use. The U.S. Anti-Doping Agency said it was stripping Armstrong of his titles and banning him for life.

Changing The Game In Berkeley, Calif.

Volunteers from the student-led Coaching Corps teach sport-specific skills and mentor under-served young people.

U.S. Faces Growing 'Insider Attacks' In Afghanistan

The top U.S. commander in Afghanistan cites multiple reasons for the increase in attacks by men in Afghan uniforms. Taliban infiltrators, friction between NATO and Afghan troops, and even Ramadan are all seen as factors.

A City Leveled By Hurricane Andrew Rebuilds, Again

Twenty years ago, Homestead, Fla., was in the eye of what was then the worst storm to hit the U.S. Hurricane Andrew wiped out nearly every building here. After a shaky couple of years, Homestead rebuilt, and by 2007, it was the fastest-growing city in Florida. And then the housing bust hit.