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Jim DeMint On Immigration Overhaul's 'Staggering' Costs

The research by the Heritage Foundation on the cost-benefit analysis of immigration is being criticized by both conservatives and liberals for not being properly calculated, nor fully accounting for the economic benefit of overhauling the immigration system. Steve Inskeep discusses the study with the president of the foundation, former Republican Senator Jim DeMint.

Special Class Teaches Adults How To Ride Bikes

This particular class, just a short pedal from the White House, was full with people ranging from their 20s to their 50s. So why didn't they ever learn to ride a bike?

Why Sustained Action Against Syria Is More Than Air Strikes

Advocates for intervening in Syria say if Israel can get past Syria's air defenses, surely the U.S. can. But experts say Israel's limited strikes can't be compared with the huge resources needed for a sustained operation to establish a no-fly zone, for example.

U.S. Turns Up Heat On Costly Commercial Cyber Theft In China

U.S. official displeasure has grown over the problem of Chinese cyber-espionage. The Obama administration has signaled that it will step up the investigation and prosecution of trade-secret theft and has not ruled out punitive measures.

Three Women Found In Ohio Years After Disappearing

Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and a third woman had been missing for years when they were discovered Monday apparently held against their will in a Cleveland area home.

DeMint's Departure: A Onetime Ally Spurns Rubio

In his new role as president of the Heritage Foundation, the former South Carolina senator parts company with a conservative Senate ally on the subject of immigration.

FBI Says It Prevented Terrorist Attack In Rural Minnesota

Authorities arrest a 24-year-old man with a stockpile of explosives and firearms but decline to name what they believe was his intended target.