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The Cleveland Case And Missing Persons Investigations

Three women who disappeared almost a decade ago in Cleveland were found Monday night not far from where they had each been taken. They were discovered by a neighbor who heard screaming. Too often, cases like this unsolved indefinitely with no known crime scene, no witnesses, and no leads.

Feds Say Debt Settlement Firm Defrauded 'Financially Desperate'

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau says Mission Settlement Agency "systematically exploited and defrauded" its clients.

Shaping 'Teenage Diaries': Intimacies, Difficulties, Life

In 1996, independent producer Joe Richman gave tape recorders to a group of teens and let them report on their lives. "There is something magical about handing someone a tape recorder, because you never know what will happen," he says. Last year, he tracked down some of the diarists and let them do it again.

Teenage Diaries Revisited: Living Life Under The Radar

Juan came to the U.S. with his family, who crossed the Rio Grande illegally in 1992. He has made a life for himself in Colorado that might seem like the American dream: a house, a job, two cars, three kids. But he remains in the U.S. illegally.

Limo Fire: Driver, Passenger Tell Their Stories

The four passengers who survived a fire that erupted in a moving limousine Saturday did so by squeezing through a narrow partition window between the passenger cabin and the driver's area. The car's driver, Orville Brown, says that at first, he didn't understand that there was an emergency.

Wake Up And Smell The Tuna? Sunrise At Honolulu's Fish Auction

Actually, fresh fish doesn't smell "fishy," says Joe Palca. He spent a recent morning watching Hawaii's fishermen sell some 50,000 pounds of catch on the auction floor and sends this postcard.