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Supreme Court Frees 9 States From Voting Laws Oversight

The Supreme Court struck down part of the 1965 Voting Rights Act by a vote to 5-4 on Tuesday. It essentially shifts the burden of fighting off voting discrimination from the government to minority voters.

Coal Industry Concerned By Obama's Climate Change Plans

President Obama on Tuesday announced a wide-ranging plan to address climate change. Rather than taking it to Congress, Obama is implementing the plan on his own. The president wants the Environmental Protection Agency to restrict carbon dioxide emissions from power plants. The biggest source of those emissions is coal-fired facilities.

Some Tech Companies Find Ways Not To Hire Americans

Employers looking to hire foreign workers must prove they looked for American workers first. But some immigration law firms show employers how to recruit Americans without actually hiring U.S. workers. This kind of "faux recruiting" is common knowledge in the tech industry.

Real Estate Sizzles Again In Las Vegas

High-paying investors have helped the market to bloom in the desert city that once ranked as the foreclosure capital. Even homeowners who thought they were underwater are benefiting. One owner says her home's value increases by about $1,000 every two days. That, she says, is the craziness of Vegas.

Let's Separate The Schoolin' From The Sports

We in the U.S. think, nostalgically, of athletics as integral to higher education, but perhaps they're so unusual that they should be entirely separated from the academic and turned into an honest commercial adjunct.

Old Safe Reveals Historical Relics For Women's Suffrage Group

On the 125th anniversary of the the National Council of Women of the United States, the organization teamed up with the University of Rochester to open an old safe painted with the words: "Women's Suffrage Party." No one knew what was in the safe or when it had last been opened.

Obama's Africa Trip To Focus On Democracy, Investment

President Obama leaves Wednesday morning for a week-long tour through three African countries. It's his first extended visit to the continent as president. He'll be making stops in Senegal, South Africa and Tanzania.

Sprint Shareholders Approve SoftBank Merger

Sprint Nextel shareholders have signed off on an offer from Japan's SoftBank to acquire a majority stake in the U.S. wireless carrier. The deal which is expected to be approved by U.S. regulators could bring more robust competition to the U.S. mobile market.

Senate Bill Would Do Away With Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac

It has been more than five years since the collapse of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac forced the government to move the mortgage giants into conservatorship. Congress is finally starting to grapple with what comes next.

Clock Runs Out On Controversial Texas Abortion Bill

After a dramatic evening that included a filibuster, procedural back-and-forth and the crowds of chanting protesters in the Capitol, Texas lawmakers failed to pass sweeping abortion restrictions before a midnight deadline.