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San Diego Mayor Starting Rehab; Accusers Count Now At 10

Democratic Mayor Bob Filner is starting two weeks of treatment at a behavior counseling clinic. He won't be out of touch while he's receiving behavioral treatment. Aides say Filner will still be getting briefed on developments in the city, and will still be giving orders.

4-Year-Old Re-Elected 'Mayor' Of Minnesota Town

Bobby Tufts' second job will be at a pre-school. As a student. For the second year in a row he won the mayoral contest in tiny Dorset, Minn., which actually doesn't have its own government.

Woman Killed In Venice Beach Rampage Was On Her Honeymoon

A car plowed through the crowd on the California city's famous boardwalk. The driver has been charged with murder. About a dozen people were injured, and one person, 32-year-old Alice Gruppioni of Italy, was killed. Her new husband is devastated. Videos from the scene are chilling.

Preschooler To Serve Second Term As Mayor Of Minn. Town

The mayor of Dorset, Minn., is now four years old. Bobby Tufts' named was pulled out of a hat last year, making him mayor of the town of 20 people. Dorset doesn't have a formal government. On Sunday, his name was drawn again.

You Be The Commissioner: What Should Happen To A-Rod?

The Yankees' third baseman is expected to be hit with a suspension that would keep him out of games for the rest of this season and all of 2014. But he's also expected to appeal that punishment, which would mean he could play while an arbitrator reviews the case.

Sideburns Contest To Honor Commodore Perry

Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry won a major victory over the British 200 years ago at the Battle of Lake Erie. On Wednesday the citizens of Erie, Pa., will honor him the best way they know how — with a sideburns contest. Judges are looking for sideburns that resemble Commodore Perry's famous mutton chops.

Donations Help Detroit Bury Unclaimed Bodies

Scarce funding had forced Detroit's government to delay burying unclaimed bodies for a year or more. But the death of one homeless man has spurred donations from across the country to help bury him and other unclaimed bodies in the Wayne County morgue.

A-Rod Said To Be Facing Long Suspension From Baseball

Major League Baseball is expected to hand down suspensions to several players implicated in performance enhancing drug use. New York Yankees all star Alex Rodriguez is the most prominent name on the list, and he also faces the longest suspension.

Remembering 6 Shooting Deaths At Wis. Sikh Temple

One Year ago Monday, six people were shot and killed at a Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wis. Members of the temple are marking the anniversary with prayers, meals and public service. Sikhs, federal officials and others say they're striving to build stronger relationships and reduce violence.

McConnell Squares Off With Rivals At Ky. Political Picnic

Over the weekend, the western Kentucky town of Fancy Farm was the site of the first meeting between Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and his likely Democratic opponent, Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Grimes. National Democrats promise to make defeating McConnell the top priority as they head into a mid-term election that offers Republicans a good chance of taking control of the Senate.