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How Ted Cruz's Father Shaped His Views On Immigration

The Texas senator says giving a path to citizenship to immigrants in the U.S. illegally would be unfair to immigrants who followed the rules, like his own father, 74-year-old Rafael Bienvenido Cruz. He portrays his dad as a kind of Cuban Horatio Alger.

In More Cities, A Camera On Every Corner, Park And Sidewalk

A growing number of cities are using surveillance cameras in the hope of fighting crime, but all that video is almost useless without powerful search tools to sort the material. The municipal camera trend is proving to be big business for companies that design video analytics software.

James Gandolfini Dies; 'Sopranos' Actor Was 51

Actor James Gandolfini, 51, has reportedly died. Variety magazine reports that he suffered a "sudden stroke." The cause of death is not yet known with certainty, but HBO says the actor may have suffered a heart attack.

Meet The New Governor: Sharply Partisan And Upwardly Mobile

For years, governors were considered the most pragmatic figures in politics. Now, they're using their states to run ideological experiments.

Capitol Hill's Partisan And Racial Divide Cast In Bronze

A 7-foot tall statue of famed abolitionist Frederick Douglass is more than just a tribute to the man. It's a larger-than-life reminder of the fight over voting rights and statehood for Washington, D.C.

Federal Agents Accuse Two Of Plotting Deadly X-Ray Weapon

Officials say the suspects did not acquire a radiation source for a weapon, but they finished building a remote control that was meant to operate it.

A Day After Making List, One Of FBI's Most Wanted Caught

Former University of Southern California professor Walter Lee Williams was caught at a Mexican beach town, a day after being placed on the FBI's Ten Most Wanted Fugitives list on charges of sexual exploitation of children.

To Rebuild NYC's Beaches, A Native Plant Savings And Loan

Last fall, Heather Liljengren was collecting the seeds of New York's native dune grasses. Within days, Hurricane Sandy wiped out the Rockaways' dunes and all their flora. Now, those seeds are growing plants likely to be used to restore the dunes and other natural environments around New York City.

A Dry Reservation Clashes With Its Liquor Store Neighbors

A conflict over alcohol is escalating in the tiny town of Whiteclay, Neb., which sells millions of cans of beer annually to residents of the nearby Pine Ridge Reservation. While protesters are trying to block beer deliveries to the town, some tribal leaders are considering legalizing alcohol at Pine Ridge.

Infections From Contaminated Injections Can Lurk Undetected

Some people exposed to tainted steroid injections in last year's meningitis outbreak had slow-moving spinal infections that escaped detection until they had MRI scans. Many of the people didn't have symptoms, or thought the pain was due to their longstanding back problems.