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It's Time To Move On From The Past

In her regular "Can I Just Tell You" essay, host Michel Martin shares her thoughts on the Paula Deen controversy. Martin says it might be time for a truth and reconciliation commission in the U.S., to help people move on from insensitive things they did in the past.

From Death Row To Free Man

Kirk Bloodsworth left death row 20 years ago. He was the first death row inmate in the U.S. proven innocent using DNA evidence. He talks with host Michel Martin about his time in prison, and his mission to end the death penalty.

Angry Chinese Workers Resort To Direct Action

The U.S. executive of a Chinese factory was prevented by workers from leaving the facility following a decision to shut down part of the business and move the some jobs to India where wages are lower. The story shows how widespread labor-related strife is in the world's most populous nation, and how the bottom line dictates where jobs go.

Men Pick Robotic Surgery For Prostate Cancer Despite Risks

Men with low-grade prostate cancer are choosing robotic surgery and other expensive treatments, even though they probably don't need treatment at all, a study says. Less testing and waiting before deciding to treat would reduce harmful side effects in many cases.

After DOMA: What's Next For Gay Married Couples

With the Supreme Court declaring the Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional, the next move will likely be executive action by President Obama to equalize federal marriage benefits.

Court Overturns DOMA, Sidesteps Broad Gay Marriage Ruling

A pair of 5-4 Supreme Court rulings struck down as unconstitutional a federal law denying benefits to same-sex couples and cleared the way for gay marriages to resume in California.

Happy Ruling For Adoptive Couple, Uncertainty For Baby Girl

The Supreme Court on Tuesday reversed a ruling in a child's adoption, saying the child, whose biological father considers himself part Cherokee, should not have been taken from her adoptive parents. The court ruled that the federal Indian Child Welfare Act did not apply in the case.

Texas Senator Filibusters For 11 Hours Against Abortion Bill

Republicans in the Texas Senate failed to pass sweeping new abortion restrictions. The vote was not taken before time ran out in the special legislative session. Earlier, Democratic state Senator Wendy Davis spent nearly 11 hours Tuesday filibustering the bill.

Voting Rights Ruling By Supreme Court Draws Mixed Reactions

Voting rights groups and others reacted strongly to Tuesday's Supreme Court ruling that struck down part of the Voting Rights Act. It had required all or part of 15 states to get Justice Department approval for any voting law changes.

Service Members Receive Sexual Assault Prevention Training

All this month, service members around the world are taking time out for training on how to prevent and respond to sexual assault. The move is a statement by the military that it's serious about addressing this problem.