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The Industrious Lives Of Halloween's Ghouls

For many of the creepy characters who staff haunted houses during the Halloween season, it's a labor of love. But it's not just fun and games: It takes hours to get into character and the jumping and running is downright strenuous. And if the frights get too real, the guests fight back.

High-Def Storm Models Yielded Accurate Predictions

Hurricane forecasters predicted that Sandy would be an odd storm, and they were right. It turned left when most hurricanes turn right, it maintained its strength even as it struck land, and it joined forces with a winter storm. The computer models that characterized the storm's behavior are much more accurate and faster than they used to be.

Obama, Christie Unlikely Partners After Sandy

President Obama traveled to New Jersey on Wednesday to tour some of areas hardest hit by Sandy. Audie Cornish talks to Mara Liasson for more.

Atlantic City Starts To Dig Out From Sandy

We report from Atlantic City, N.J., on the aftermath of superstorm Sandy and the beginnings of clean up efforts on the barrier island. In the nearby town of Longport, Sandy poured straight through the multi-million dollar oceanfront homes. Casinos in Atlantic City have been closed down since Sunday, with no word yet on when they might reopen. And people who obeyed the order to evacuate the island are still not being allowed back.