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Patients Lead The Way As Medicine Grapples With Apps

Smartphone apps can help count calories or detect a heart attack. People are embracing them to manage many aspects of their health. But medical apps are largely unregulated now, so there's no easy way to be sure which ones are trustworthy and which ones aren't.

Obama's Unplanned NSA Discussion

President Obama didn't expect he'd need to have a "national conversation" about government data-gathering.

'Days Of Rambo Are Over': Pentagon Details Women's Move To Combat

The U.S. military said in January that it will end its front-line combat exclusion for women; the shift means that women could join elite forces such as the Army Rangers and Navy SEALs in the next three years.

The Mystery Of the Ridiculously Pricey Bag Of Potatoes

Did a 10-pound bag of potatoes really cost $15 back in 2008? We get to the bottom of some puzzling numbers in the lawsuit alleging America's potato growers have become a spud cartel.

FDA Backs Off On Regulation Of Fecal Transplants

Fecal transplants are being used more often to treat life-threatening bacterial infections. But the Food and Drug Administration worried that the still-experimental procedure put patients at risk. Now it is dropping plans to restrict transplants after doctors and patients complained.

Where's Jimmy Hoffa? Everywhere And Nowhere

FBI agents believe they have a credible lead on the whereabouts of Jimmy Hoffa's body. If they're right, it will solve a longstanding mystery, which will also deflate Hoffa's resonance in popular culture.

When A Language Dies, What Happens To Culture?

Nearly half of the 7,000 languages spoken in the world are expected to vanish in the next 100 years. One of them is Athabaskan, a language of the Siletz tribe in the Pacific Northwest. Bud Lane, vice chairman of Siletz tribal council, explains the importance of language diversity.

How To Make Museums More Inviting For Kids With Autism

A day at a museum promises fun for parents and kids alike. But for children who are on the autism spectrum, a seemingly simple museum exhibit may be too overwhelming to enjoy. Now, museums are coming up with ways to accommodate these visitors.

6 Things We Just Learned About The IRS Scandal

Interviews with two key IRS staffers describe a workplace where office politics in Cincinnati and Washington, not partisan politics, served as the animating force behind the improper targeting of Tea Party groups.

President Obama, 'Honest And Trustworthy?'

Host Michel Martin checks in on the latest political news, including new poll numbers on how Americans view President Obama.