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Special Election To Replace Sen. Lautenberg Set For Oct. 16

Lautenberg, a Democrat, died on Monday. New Jersey's Republican governor says his state's voters should determine who will be the senator's successor. Christie will only name someone to serve in the interim.

Room Upgrades, Videos & A 'Star Trek' Parody: Read IRS Audit

An inspector general's report takes aim at how the IRS spent its money at a 2010 conference. It concludes the agency could have spent less than the $4.1 million it expended.

When It Snows Ash: Life In Wildfire Country

In Southern California, a massive wildfire, called the Powerhouse fire, has consumed 50 miles of land northwest of Los Angeles. California residents face wildfire season every year. Grist staff writer Susie Cagle talks about what it's like to live in wildfire country.

Who Gets Asylum, Who Doesn't And How That May Change

Every year, thousands of immigrants come to the U.S. seeking protection from persecution or violence in their countries. Many groups have a hard time qualifying, based on the legal limits of asylum. New immigration legislation could change the process.

What's Next For The FBI: A New Generation Of Challenges

As Robert Mueller's tenure at the director FBI comes to a close, the Obama administration narrows the global war on terror. The White House is expected to nominate former deputy attorney general James Comey. The new leader will face a host of new challenges.

After Game 7: Pacers Go Home, Heat Face Spurs

The Miami Heat have reached the NBA Finals. They beat the Indiana Pacers Monday night 99-76 in Miami. The Heat will play the San Antonio Spurs beginning Thursday.

In Philly, Lo Mein Is Going Low Sodium

Philadelphia is working with about 200 takeout restaurants, providing free cooking lessons and tips on adding flavor without salt. The training has helped restaurants cut the sodium in popular dishes by up to 20 percent.

That Employee Who Smokes Costs The Boss $5,800 A Year

A worker's smoke breaks cost an employer even more than the increased costs of health care. Some employers charge higher health insurance premiums to employees who smoke or refuse to hire them altogether.

What's At Stake With Supreme Court Decisions?

The Supreme Court is set to issue several decisions that could have a major impact on civil rights laws in this country. Host Michel Martin talks about what's at stake with Hans Von Spakovsky of the Heritage Foundation, and George Washington University law professor Spencer Overton.