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12 Half-Truths We Live With

The truth about koalas (and athletes) shows what we already know: Not everything is what it seems to be. There are some fictions we are wiling to accept as fact.

Newtown Debates The Future Of Sandy Hook School

Since the shootings in December, Sandy Hook students have started attending school elsewhere. Now, the Connecticut town is trying to figure out what should be done with the site of the shootings: a memorial, a new school or something else?

A Soldier's Battle Lost After Returning Home

After being deployed to Iraq in 2003, Spc. Lance Pilgrim was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder. His panic attacks led him to become dependent on pain medication, and he accidentally overdosed in 2007. His parents share their son's struggle to leave the war behind.

A Gun Owner From The Left, Sen. Leahy Leads The Debate

He's voted to allow guns in national parks and Amtrak trains, but Sen. Patrick Leahy rejects suggestions that he'll slow-walk gun control efforts through Congress. Leahy chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee, which begins hearings on the issue at the end of this month.

Inaugural Balls Where Food Isn't An Afterthought

Gearing up for inaugural weekend balls often means getting ready to stand in lots of lines for some not-so-awesome food. But if you want to say goodbye to the rubber chicken brigade, these foodcentric inaugural balls might be a better bet.

'Algerian Style': Cooperative, To A Point

Algeria has been acting alone in the hostage situation at the remote In Amenas natural gas field, relying on its years of experience fighting terrorism internally. It has turned down offers of support and advice from other nations, including the U.S. Yet any anger over Algeria's go-it-alone approach has been muted; the nation is a critical ally of the U.S.

Getting Personal, Armstrong Recounts Difficult Talk With His Kids

Armstrong turns emotional when he recalls how he had to explain to his children that the allegations against him were true.

'Invasive' Body Scanners Will Be Removed From Airports

Body scanners that have been criticized as producing images of travelers that are too revealing are being removed from airport security check points, after a supplier did not rewrite the machines' software to make the images they produce less revealing.